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Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Im 16 years old and absolutely crazy about football. Im equally powerful with both feet and very skillful but i havent made any progress in moving up da ranks coz i live in australia and its impossible to make it as a pro in australia. Do u think my time is running out for opportunities?
Every single day I think of the future and if I will ever play professional football. Because I live in Australia its impossible to make it.

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I know how you feel. I also live in australia and i can only feel a little trapped. There are a few avenues to go down tho. Firstly you can be in the AIS, which is probably unreachable. The new APL could also make an answer by the time we are old enough. Or you can be a go-getter and send videos of urself playing to colleges in america because they are keen to have a talent come out of america they will pay for you. The last one is wat i hope to do. But for me i can still make the regional teams so you are just a little more unadvantaged. But i heard rep might be extended a few years so you might still be able to go thru that avenue but keep practicing.
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Welcome to the forums, Lukeng. Don't take this personally, but what about Mark Viduka from Leeds or Harry Kewell, who joined Liverpool at the start of the 2003/4 EPL season? What about Brett Emerton, Mark Schwarzer and Zeljko Kalac? Their Australian background doesn't seem to prevent them from playing in top European leagues.

If you love the game enough to develop and prove yourslef, you'll make it regardless of your location. Read this article on How to turn pro.

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the expert is right. I can relate to this. There is a pro player from my province that grew up in a town of 4000 people. He got scouted when he was playing in the "Canada Games" for our province and later went on to represent Canada at the Pan Am Games level, as well as the world cup level. This is the way i put it: if you are good enough, you will make it.

As for getting cut from teams due to politics: Getting cut from a team when i was 14 was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was mad, so I went out and trained everyday, and improved so much that I have never gotten cut since then.

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