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Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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*yung-ital* wrote:my friend is from belgrade and he never mentioned ANYTHING like this and usually he would. very odd jc.
ask him where is Dorcol....
he'll tell you MANY things like this... Dorcol is the closest to belgrade downtown, it actually is downtown... 5 minutes walk from main belgrade square and you are in the heart of dorcol...
here everything is possible...
yesterday i've played against veterans of dorcol football, and there was one guy, owner of FC Dorcol (this guy i've mentioned in this thread plays in that club).... you can look in Championship manager 4, you can lead dorcol in 2nd national league, look for the chairman mr Softic...
this guy is the most important person in that club, he is more important that the idiot with the gun...
i didn't know that so i tackled this guy (he is about 40 years old)...
he shouted at me: "kid, you don't want me playing rough!" and my friends later told me that only if i tackled a bit stronger he would wipe floor with me... i am happy to be alive now... the guy with a gun is just a dark face, small criminal, but tackling this guy is like tackling tony soprano... :D

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Be careful.........

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man if the guy is having a gun near by, i dont even think i would get in the game, no one watches a friendly for talent so unless your in a league game i say dont even step on the field. life is much more important than soccer, cuz without it you cant even touch a ball :P
Wow, he just megged three people, maradonas around the last defender, and missed the shot, then not five minutes later a guy on the other team shoots when he gets the ball and scores...

who would you rather be?

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