Attending open pro tryouts?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Hey EF, its been awhile. A few months ago i decided to take a break from football, but now i am starting to get the itch, i am training more and although i am not even close to where i was before (fitness and sharpness of skills) I'm training to get back into my best. However, I turn 19 in September, going to be a sophomore in college, and haven't played college ball yet. All my previous coaches and friends are baffled as to how i could not make my college team, and how he for some reason just doesn't like me or maybe my style of play.

Anyways, i decided to say fuk it and skip college soccer, all it does is bring me down and i am motivated to become something. The main reason I'm posting here is to see if anyone has been to any open tryouts? Im talking MLS, USL Pro, stuff like that. For the most part i know most of them are held anywhere from January to May, i have even seen some in June. What do you guys think of all this? Even if its not a MLS tryout i would glady go to a USL Pro or USL open tryout it would be a interesting experience

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