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Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Today I had a pre-season friendly
I got about an hours sleep last night

I played for about 15 minutes At the end on the LW which is out of position for me having no left foot

My manager doesn't rate me at all for some reason

I was mistiming touches but we still won and scored while I was on

I didn't have the confidence to shoot either.

People say I'm good in recreational and pickup games but bad in a match?

I think I could just be rusty but I feel like I need alot more Game Experience excel in games Like I should be doing

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Ok, I'll give you simple things to do. They are so simple you'll probably think they don't work. And because you think they won't work, you'll probably won't do them. And becuause you won't do them, you'll have another bad game, and probably make another thread asking the same thing, in another way. And my friend, if you do, I'll be there and say, I told you so.

Anyway, rant out of the way.

You need two things: A Wall and a ball. Actually, you need two more things, patience and time.

1. Pick one or two but a maximum of three of the following drills.

2. Spend 5 out of 7 days a week for at least an hour, doing the same drills over and over again. If you get bored, stop. You must have your full attention every single pass and control.

3. Go on youtube, get an instep drive tutorial. Go for a popular one or one that seems decent to you. Analyse every nuance, and point. Pay attention. And go outside and see what it fels like for you. Try out how they do it first, and see how you can make it more comfortable for you. Spend an hour on each point. I recommend doing it before passing and control.

4. On game days, implement most if not all of these techniques:

Get on with your team mates. Be talkative. Talk to your coach. Ask him his plans. Ask him where he would like you to play. Get in a dialogue. Get inside his head, you'll know what pleases him, displeases him and you will act accordingly to that information.

What's the purpose of all these things?

I have identified 3 most pressing issues you have. Your touch, your shooting and your confidence. I've given you a plan. Go implement it.


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If you're level drops in a match that probably means you need more match experience. Whether it's finding higher level pick up games or dropping to a lower team to get more game time. You may get get anxiety in games from lack of match experience (I had a problem with this, it was a bitch because no one believes you're as good as you know you are) in which I would recommend finding a team that will give you more time. Or you simply shine in pick up games and recreational because you play amongst people below your level and your team-mates or league are above your level. If that's the case try to find more experienced players for scrimmages, which you should probably do either way. Try finding an older group of guys to play with, they'll usually enjoy mentoring a young guy.

Also learn to adapt, whether that means working on your poor foot or learning to play on either side with your good foot.

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