Good areas?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Where I live now, on the Central Coast, there are few ways to progress to profesional football, even though we have a local profesional team - Central Coast Mariners (A-league). The roots of this club rely on a semi profesional predeccesor - Central Coast Lighting. To make this team, you must first be scouted, there are no open try-outs. Oncr you are picked you mut then pay a further $1000 dollars (per season) with the risk of being dropped with no refund.

Also in my area, tere ern't any pick-up games dissapointedly, the only ones I get are the ones we play at break at school, which is often with average players.

With all this, it makes it hard to take it to the next level. I am currently 14yrs old, and I'm investigating a move from my region, even country. If I had the money and working visa, I would move to England without thinking twice. But this seems unrealistic, so I am looking into a move within Australia. So does anybody know any good cities in Oz' that have a large ammount of pick-up games and footballing opportunities for my future.

If i may, another question which i didn't find was worth making a new thread over: When i reach my senior school years, will I have enough time for playing soccer at break time, and training out of school. This really is a scary thought for me, I don't want t reach yr 11-yr 12 and be piled in after hours school work, Esay's ect.... TBH i m REALLY scared of all this interfeering with my soccer.

Thankyou in return.

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I think Melbourne is a great place for football(soccer).

1.Transport is efficient and cheap so u can get to places to play
2.There are literally hundreds of clubs you can join
3.Level of soccer is the best in Australia....after which would be Sydney

I think at your age you should definetly come to melbourne and try to join a club quickly. What about your high school team? You can try getting a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Sports?

If you make it into that...there is nothing holding u back from becoming pro!

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