Robbie tournament (2nd place)

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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hey, i wrote this in the blog section but decided to paste it onto the forums because the blog section is quite dead now, and full of spam:

I just got back from a tournament in Toronto where my team finished 2nd, losing 2-0 in the final. We had spent 2 gruelling weeks preparing for it, so it was good to bring something home, even if it had to be silver.
It was our first tournament under our new coach and we came back with our heads held high, having beaten various rep teams from Ontario before losing to the Ontario indoor champs in the final. (Who we had tied 0-0 earlier in the tournament btw.) We played a high pressure game throughout the tournament which didn't allow our opponents any time on the ball. This worked really well throughout the tournament but it was hard to keep it up in the final, which was played at 2pm at 35 degrees celcius. However the humidity made it feel more like 45, (If you're in southern Ontario you know what I'm talking about.) It was one of the hottest games I have ever played it, even the turf was burning our feet. It was also the first time I got to play in a stadium, and had announcers for goals and substitutions, and the national anthem was played at the beginning with the teams lined up just like international games.

I had a good tournament, starting every game and scoring 1 goal. I also scored another one in the semi's, but it was disallowed because I hand balled it.
I liked my goal, because it was one that I don't usually score. It was like Torres' goal against Germany in the Euro cup final, however instead of chipping it, I side footed it by the keeper at the end.
In most games, my contribution was usually pressuring their defense, challenging for headers off our goal kicks, (something I have to work on) and keeping possesion when we had the ball. I usually had only 1 or 2 chances per game, due to the style of forward I am. I'm personally pleased with how I did though, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season..

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