What have been your biggest setbacks?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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what have been your biggest setbacks, and how have you overcome them? mostly soccer related, but if you have a non-soccer setback that affected your performance (parents not believing in you, car accident etc) put that aswell.

for me it would have to be a) not making the provincial team, and b) my injuries last season.

when i was in u-13, i got to try out for the provincial team. after all the tryout sessions they made the first cut verbally, calling out the names of the kids who would progress. i heard names of kids i knew i was better than, sure i would hear my own in a few seconds but sadly it never came. i think i cried on the way home lol. i was offered to try out again this season, but i was in arizona when they had it.

my other main setback would be last season. i injured my ankle during our last preseason friendly and was out for 7 weeks. it took 3 weeks after that for me to regain my form, and then i immediately injured my back and was out for another 3 weeks. i think i had 2 games where i actually felt good that season. now i'm injury free, playing well and not taking my health/fitness for granted.

also (this is not a setback) i had the least amount of playing time against real madrid. we had a big squad of around 20, and they brought the subs on throughout the second half. i was told to warm up with +20 minutes left, but didnt get on until the last 5 minutes. however, i worked harder and was more focussed for the rest of the camp and got 20 minutes against rayo vallecano a few days later.

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Hey scott..

Well my biggest setback would have to be my 2 knee injuries.. For some reason, I never got discouraged, and never felt like quitting, but they were awful delyments you see what Im saying? I Lost like a year if you add up these injuries and thats a year I could have been training, thats a year I lost of exposition, a year I lost of experience etc.

Another one is, the lack of playing time I get, and I consider myself more valuable than my team is actually recognizing me for.. I consider I could play the last 15 minutes of a match and make some nice passes etc. But the coach doesnt see it that way... But i rejoice on the fact that Im the youngest one in thre..

Those are/were just obstacles though, the finish line is still there and as I keep jumpling over these obstacles things become more clear, and when you know your doing the right thing, your not gonna stop doing it....
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My biggest setback has been my knee similar to panchester but hopefully it sorted now and touchwood have an injury free year.
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My biggest set back was not realising I could achieve anything I put my mind to earlier.

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My knee Injury

Some of my dumbass coaches throughout the years

And not realizing my potential and the need to train

But the way I come back from this stuff is I just think of it as its me against the world....and i gotta make it
"The road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure."

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my knee.. ive had a lot of problems with it also not being confident enough and not playing to my full ability because of that lack of confidence

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