feels so horrible dident make the team!

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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feels so horrible dident make the team!

Post by NEVERGIVINGUP » 23 Oct 2009, 10:32

i dident make premier league AGAIN last year 16s and this year now 18s i dident make it.

ye im tryin to train, but its REALLY killing me inside. i feel depressed at school, im really hating life..

:( any advice theres another trial next week, and i jst having doubts

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Post by LiveTheDream » 24 Oct 2009, 08:38

Sorry to hear that NEVERGIVINGUP

My advice to you would be to try and put that trial out of your mind. What's done is done, you can't change the result of it. What you can do though is to focus on your other trial- what team is that for? Just concentrate on that, put all your energy into doing well at that trial and hopefully you'll start to feel better. It might take a little while to get over it, but you will. Just don't let a hangover from that trial take anything away from your preparation for the upcoming one.

Maybe you should go for a REALLY long run, with some nice loud music, that always helps me whenever I'm feeling upset or annoyed at something.

Also, check out this video that i happened to be watching on youtube, it might help a bit :)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxzWxC_5 ... re=related
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Post by footy_oaf » 24 Oct 2009, 12:32

well, the main thing is that you live up to your name, and not give up.
man, its natural, no one is perfect. maybe you just had a bad game, you got nervius...

anyways, its quite a big thing, getting into a pro team, dont kick yourself about not making it first time.

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Re: feels so horrible dident make the team!

Post by panchester07 » 24 Oct 2009, 20:39

i dident make premier league AGAIN last year 16s and this year now 18s i dident make it.

ye im tryin to train, but its REALLY killing me inside. i feel depressed at school, im really hating life..

:( any advice theres another trial next week, and i jst having doubts
aw mann, that sucks, when you feel like this, remember your nickname, and never give up...

A liittle question:

Where you really practicing hard before the tryouts, working on all the aspects of your game?? Physicaly and mentaly? Watching games.. I mean for everything you gotta pay the price.

So if you didnt make that team, go to next try out all out, train everyday as much as you can before the tryout ... juggle a lot, do wall drills a lot, and cone drills, these drils give results fast, you can see improvement quick, and im sure that even your skills arent thebest.. If you go to the tryout, and be 100% proactive, with the best attitude, leadership, gentleman behaviour, happy, smile a lot, and talk to the coach, theres no way he wont put you on the team. even as a super bench warmer but you can work your way up..

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Post by Icy » 24 Oct 2009, 20:48

Definitely listen to what Panchester said and I have a little to add on to that.

Remember that all your drills do not need to be physically exhausting. Yes, have a couple hour session that is demanding and drills that challenge you. Earlier\Later in the day then have an hour or two session of just easy FUNDAMENTAL skills that isn't exactly taxing. These skills must become a second nature so practicing them all you can will definitely help. I'm not going to lie, it will definitely not be as fun as hard drills (infact it can get quite boring), but it is an absolute must.

Also, if you can try to contact the coach and see if he has any main reasons why you didn't make the team. If you find these things out, make them your strengths.
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Post by Footer » 24 Oct 2009, 21:07

Good advice of the above posters!!

You can take the experience of the previous trials and take it to your advantage for upcoming trials. What were your weaknesses, what were your strengths and take this information to work your way up. Exploit your strengths in the game and work on those weaknesses. This trial was definitely not a waste, it's something you can learn about. It's very good of you that you went out there and tried!! You should be proud of that. That it isn't your first time, doesn't matter, keep on trying, you can get there!! Don't forget you can get a lot of great advice here.

Also very very important since you're having a bit of a down moment. Enjoy the game!! Have fun playing it. Don't see training as just "training", especially the game situations, try to have fun, this will make you play better (considering you also remain your focus of course), and it's a way to motivate yourself again to put in those extra practice days. If you don't feel like training now, try to get out with friends, play little 5v5 games or something, to get back that fun in your game.

Good luck with your future trials!!

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Post by terminator » 25 Oct 2009, 03:28

The only thing I would add is:if u can, Make sure u get to play for A TEAM! ANY team...even if it is the crapiest team.
Can't you try out for a lower level team? I would say the most important thing for you now is to play matches and of course have fun.

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Post by nick117 » 26 Oct 2009, 22:11

some other advice talk to the coach about why you didn't make it and work on that stuff.

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