Can you become Pro at age above 18?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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I heard that you can actually become Pro even at age 20 these days........ Specially in MLS since they have academy for age 20 or over and even allow little bit above age 23?

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Anything's possible really. I suppose you'd have to be amazing for someone to take you on at a late age though.
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Yeah you can, but you'd want to be lucky, good and very dedicated
By the time you hit 20 you will need a job, college education and probably you will be tempted to party, somke and drink at parties, if you can resist all that while getting good grades as a back-up you might have a good chance

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If you live in the US, a lot of rookies go thorough 3 or 4 years of college before getting drafted, so they are about 21-22. As long as you are a good soccer player (or great) and have good habits in life im sure age isnt too much of an issue. that is until you get in your later 20s and 30s

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As long as you are fit and can play football you will always get a game at some level, if you stay dedicated you could make your way up through the levels and end up playing quite good level.

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