Is Playing football with older Guys

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Heey Everybody this site is very nice i like this site.

I am wondering is it good to play football with guys like 20 up juste 4 fun and 4 training?
does it really develop your skills much? or just fysikal?

do you have any pointers to how much i will exercise like push and sit ups?
how many days in week and how man per day and how often u should do it?

And i think playing with older guys is a bit strange is that i am to kiddie for them i am 14 year old. i hope that you give me a few pointers why not i should not be down when playing with them. sometimes i think so much and can not concentrate on football so i screw things up?

Thx everybody

I hope the Experts answers this question and give me som good pointers.

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Playing Football with older guys is definitely good,is like a test,and it will help you to develop as a player,and if you beat any of those guys that would be nice.I'm defender and when I play with older guys and I get to tackle them I feel proud.
About the fitness questions look for articles in this website that can really help you. :arrow: Don't be affraid of the big guys.

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Yeh playin with older guys will help improve your game - just play like you always play cos if anything the older guys will probably be saying "who is this younger guy playing with us he ust be pretty good" :D so just show them what you can do and relax and enjoy it :D

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i really helpful cuz i am 15 and i play with college ppl and i can really see a difference when i play with ppl my age

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You don't get better playing people who you are better at. So I think doing that is good for your training. :wink:

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yeah thats the same thing what i do playing with adults and i deffintly saw improvment in my game in 2 months so yeah you should deffintly keep playing with them cause it will improve your game. most of the time i still struglle with the strengh cause they can still like push me around the big and strong players. thats why i do a little weight liffting and push-ups.

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