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Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Position Summary

Post by fir_nev » 08 Jul 2005, 13:59

Ok, I just wanna know how many positions U guys have played and summarise how well/badly U did.

Positions (just for guidance)





Ok, here goes.
GK - I failed miserably. Once conceded 17 goals.
RB - I played the bulk of my career here. Scoring goals through open play and penalties.
LB - Suitable as on the right. Scored one.
CB - I first played here but inexperience cost me.
DCM - Makeshift for my injured teammate, I did extremely well for my only appearance here. Scored 2 goals and assisted 2 within that game's 2nd half. Honest.

How bout U? Non-fiction please.

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Post by D347H574R » 08 Jul 2005, 14:02

GK - I haven't played it since I was about 7 and I did alright

SW - I'm 2nd best in Australia for my age-group

CM - I play this at club level because noone in my team can play it well

F - I have played this at national level but only cause our striker got injured and I'm the next best striker.
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Post by matt » 08 Jul 2005, 15:06

i think i hav played in every position u hav mentioned except goalie.

when i first started playing football i was put in defence and hated it. i prefer being the one who cause defensive problems, not being the one who has to stop them. also i am not good enough at tackling or heading to be a gd defender.

i play the majority of my football in midfield. i am quite versatile so i hav played everywhere here - i am best on the right wing or central attacking midfield but i am quite gd at defensive midfield because my passing and positioning are gd. also i tend to hav quite a big influence on a game.

recently i hav begun to play as a striker and i am enjoying it - i am scoring more goals and still creating chances. but i am not much of a penalty-box player so when crosses come in i dont always attack them well. so i think attacking midfield is best for me.
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Post by Ronaldinho10 » 08 Jul 2005, 18:26

I am an attacking player and have played mostly in center mid (attacking) and left mid - I once had to play centre back but got moved to midfield after 5 mins.
My best position now is the one where I get a lot of the ball in attacking areas (probably left or right mid) because I am a creative player and can score goals but I am probably too unselfish and therefore create more chances for others.
I have to practice my shooting so I can fire them in the top corner perfectly every time :D
I have also played up front but I prefer to drop deeper and collect the ball and drive at defences :D
I am sure a lot of you will agree that the best position is a "free role" just behind the two strikers (the No. 10 position) :D
Without doubt.
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Post by jdefoe » 08 Jul 2005, 21:10

gk- i can be ok when I don't get lazy, when I want to dive and stuff I can be ok

lb,rb,cb,sw- played them briefly, i was pretty good at marking on the right side, but sweeper is not my thing

midfield- i've played wing, thats about it

striker-all the time, probably my best position

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Post by upandcoming » 09 Jul 2005, 00:17

I read the game well and I can play pretty much any where on the pitch (excpet keeper)

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Post by Sweeper5 » 09 Jul 2005, 00:39

goalkeeper-was good at a young age, but then i stopped playing it and lost it

defence- can play sweeper and outside pretty well, but not to good at center

midfield-played all positions in midfield and was ok at center, but too lazy to be good at wings

forward-haven't played there in a long time, wasn't very good when I did

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Post by fir_nev » 09 Jul 2005, 00:46

U, basically, are a full back like me, right?

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Post by Sweeper5 » 09 Jul 2005, 00:49

yeah, that's all I have ever been any good at so that's where I like to play

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Post by Maradona » 10 Jul 2005, 02:18

GK: Use to play in 6th grade in those small hockey nets

RB: Not good marking, too distracted

CDM: My size helped me a lot :P

CAM: Currently playing it and loving it

ST: Pace sucks but the rest is OK
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Post by jcdenton » 12 Jul 2005, 10:08

LB or LWB i play this position usually, and it suits me well, because of my speed, stamina and strength... throw-in taking... every throw in on opposition half that i take is possible goal chance...
CB when some of CBs is injured i play this position, height (190cm), strength and speed help me for this position... i play this position for older squad... there is no one even in older league that is stronger than me...
LW when my team is losing, coach puts me to play this so i can put more pressure on defence, everytime when my team was losing 1-0 or 2-1 at the end of the 2nd half i went to play winger... i scored and set few crucial goals that way
CF i used to play this until maybe 8 months ago, then i found the other positions better for me... and i score more goals as a LWB than i did as CF... :P

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Post by Vision » 12 Jul 2005, 10:34

Gk - Best in my region, stoped playing goalie at the age of 7
Rb - I did pretty good here
Cb I was decent

Rm This didn't suit me, im not fast.
Cm Quite good

Am Playing this right now and it's awsome!! I can use my passing skills :D

CF Sometimes i move to this position but i fall back down the field thus being an Am

I started playing at the age of 4

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Post by michael » 14 Jul 2005, 18:52

LB I played on this position the most but I dont like playing defender

SW Had to play on this position for one year because there was noone else who could play on this position

LM I really liked playing winger I like to touch the ball alot and I like to dribble with the ball from one side of the field to the other side. But my crosses werent good enough so I had to continue playing LB. But now I practiced my crosses for hours so I hope I will be THE LM of my team next year.

LF I like scoring but as a forward I am to impacient to wait for the ball Also I think I scored more goals as a winger. I just havent got the feel for positioning a forward needs

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Post by CASA15 » 14 Jul 2005, 20:37

GK- played like 3 games and let in 7 goals
CB- umm only played here once and me and another team mate double teamed this really fast striker.
RB- play here when we dont have enough D and i do ok i guess
LW-the spot i always play... scored 4 goals already this season. my all time high.
Striker- most booring spot for me. all i did is stand there and wait for through balls to run onto.

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