Tell us about your last match!

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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I had an indoor game, decent performance with two goals and an assist but we still lost 8-5. I need to work on my defending, and worst of all I mildly sprained my ankle... which is really pissing me off cause I probably won't be able to play all this week at my highschool.

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Had a great adult league game today, was very disappointed though our team still lost.

At the beginning, I played striker. I ran outta breath early cuz of lack of fluids, so I got subbed off. When I went on in the second half, things began to go my way. I became more or less the focal point of the game, receiving passes from defenders, and I played the transition pass extremely well, and made 5 clearcut through balls for the strikers (the ones on the ground where you can take a touch and then shoot), but the strikers couldn't capitalize. And then, our defense was caught off-guard by a counterattack, and a big gap was left in the middle, with their striker waiting. Me and another midfielder tried to come back, but was a second too late. 1-0. Then on the edge of their box, around 22 yards away, we got a free kick, I took it, went dead to the top corner, but the goalie managed to punch it away. We kept pushing but we couldn't find the target. At one point, the goalie miskicked a goal kick, I took a curving shot that was going bottom corner, and he managed to get his fingertips on it. I got subbed off after, and they scored again. We lost 2-0.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the way I was playing, good set pieces, almost perfect passing, just lacked that killer touch to put it away. It's though to look to as my last high school tryout is tomorrow.

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I had a pretty good last match of the season.

We only had 8 players, and we lost 6-4.

We were on 99 goals, and all we needed was one more goal to get our hundreth goal of the season. We were 4-0 down at the break. Anyway, as soon as we came on for the 2nd half we got a penalty. I cant imagine what it was like for Aloisi, but I survived the pressure and scored our hundreth goal of the season, which is probably the highlight of the year for me.

We scored another 2 goals, and then I got the equaliser amazingly. But the other team ended up getting a couple of late winners. We lost, but it was a good performance considering we only had 8 players.
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my last game we won 7-0, it was against a crappy squad, i scored twice, and had one assist, looks like all tht hard work this summer is paying off!
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well i played 25 minutes on the right hand side of midfield, a role i have now learned to play and i am very capable there, playing at the back is still my best position but i am now happy to play there. I dont hug the touchline by any means, i tend to cut inside a lot and join in with the midfield and i always look for passes. Also when the ball is on the other side of the pitch i am always looking to get into the penalty box. I played pretty well last saturday even if it was only 25 minutes and i tracked back very well i thought, as you would expect. But im glad for adaptability now, i can now play, left back, right back, centre, left wing back, right wing back, right midfield and left midfield! :P
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My last game was a scrimmage at practice yesterday, went well.

I was playing Left Wing for most of it, but because of changes I drifted everywhere from up front to left back, which wasn't nescessarily the best thing. About 5 minutes into the game I got elbowed in the face and knocked over, which hurt a lot, I scored one goal though, quite easy, the ball came my way off a cross, controlled it and fired it low right from about 6 yards. About 10 minutes before the scrimmage was set to end I reached in with my right foot to get the ball, and the defender ended up kicking the ball and nailing my foot on the follow through. The Final score was 4-4.

I have an actual club game today though, at 12, and then a school game on Monday.

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We played our first match of the season today, in my new adult leauge

I'm still 15 so i was kinda nervous and ended up playing left back...
i played a solid simple game, didn't do anything to great or anything to stupid
but i started to get shook a bit as some hard tackles came in and my confidence got fu**ed, at half time it was 1-1 and we were completely outplaying the other team, but they were catching us on the counter

for the second half i got moved to LM and played a whole lot better, i began to enjoy myself and i burned a few 20+ yearolds (i did this awesome cryuff turn that sent 2 of them sliding over the touch line :D )

after about 20mins into the half, i took a quick corner to the edge of the box where out CMF curled it into the far top corner

then about 30 seconds later we got a free kick that i smashed against the joint of the crossbar and post

soon after a cross was whipped in that ended in a goalmouth scramble that broke to me, i slotted it home (with a lucky deflection, cause i think it was going wide!) 3-1 with barely a few minutes left

then one of our players got injured, and the ref said some bulls**t that we had to take him off after 10 seconds of treatment, but we were arguing that his arm might be broke (cause he was screaming pretty loud) then he said 'just give us a fu**ing minute!' and the ref said right your sent off to the dude that was injured

this really pissed the team off cause it seemed like tottal bulls**t... is it even a rule that he has to be taken off after 10 seconds?

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last match i played was an adult pickup match just a mess about really but still pretty good standard, i played best ive done for a long time, got two goals should have got 3 at least but hit the post and at least two assists.

so all in all a good performance on my part.
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my last game was at training saturday..i played absolute put on wid 15 mins to go,made like 2 or 3 good passes,about 2 good tackles...i was caught ball watching and out of position a number of times....i am really disappointed with myself
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My last game was last friday but i had a super crappy first half but second half i was all over and playing great i had this close to goal bicycle kick it just went over. the score was 5-2 my team the other team went nuts and 1 kid said he was going to kill me i just kept playing, :D
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My last match was a disgrace to mankind... It all started with an exercise that we were all suppoused to do, however how coach (such a brilliant person) divided them in 2 teams then took 2 out for the wings and they just had to support both teams, but wait lets just play Only with the last year start-ups and leave the new comers out. And so he did, we played 20 min of a boring has hell 3vs3 outside of the pitch, it got boring at 10 maybe less, we were all fu**ed up with the coach for letting us all out.. Then it was time for a game, we started to smile a bit but then it faded... I am a offensive midfielder (wings/center) coach put me has a Central Defender, Put a defender playing in the right wing (a fat guy, he couldn't run 2 meters without losing the ball) the rest of the defense was this: a left attacker, a winger, midfielder corresponding to left back, center defender and righ back.
We kindly lost 2-0 against the first team in this half size pitch game, that was a disgrace and understood how sh*tty our coach is... I still question myself if i am really going to do a season there... the guy may use us as goalkeepers or something... :?

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Don't have a report yet, but I have a game on Wednesday up in Lakefield, Ontario. It'll be our 3rd game of the season, and hopefully our first win, so far we haven't played well at all, we lost our first game 3-2 and our last game 2-0, and it's quite special since a certain Royal will be in attendance, Prince Andrew.

No big... :wink:

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i had a great game today (are team last but individually id id really good in my opinion) i started the game off as striker i usually play wingback (im short so it was a surprise that i played forward) well i started on forward then after 20 min a player got subbed in and my couch put me back on wing back i played there until the end of first half in second half i started on striker again i played really good in second half i made some really nice plays and at one point i dangled/deked 3 players and meged another one and right when i came to shoot a player jumped in front of me so i took a touch and passed it to my other striker but he hit the post (it was from outside of the box) i played very confidently for the whole game. the night before i visualized my self playing and did alot of mentall exercises i guess it worked cause i played very confidently and did alot of moves i was happy with my performance. :D (i was playing for my u-15 gold/division 1 team)

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i know this topic is old but i think it should be brought back...

this saturday i played my second game since coming back from injury.
i had a pretty bad first half, coming on 20 minutes in and playing attacking mid in a 3-5-2. i rarely got the ball and we werent keeping the ball on the ground enough against a mediocre team. despite this, i had a hand with our first goal and then was taken off again at the half.
the second half was very different. we dominated posession and had several attempts at goal. i played 30 minutes as attacking mid again and did fairly well. i got an assist, and then scored our 3rd with a volley from a corner. they got a penalty shot in the final minute and scored to make it 3-1.
all in all, about half pleased. we should be beating teams like this 10 nil but oh well. if i had done better in the first half i would be pretty happy.

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Last game I played was on Sunday for the Senior Women's Team.

We won 4-1, but it was a pretty scrappy game. They got an early goal, but I managed to get one back pretty soon after, then scored another one. Both were goals where I ran through the defence and managed to slot the ball past the onrushing keeper. They were my only two goals of the game, would have liked another (heven't scored a hat trick in a while lol) but the other team realised that the best way to stop me is to get thier most physical defender to mark me or to put a couple of players on me at all times. The ref made a few dodgy decisions (gave the other team an indirect in the penalty area cause he thougth our defender passed the ball back to the keeper. it came off her shin, she wasn't even facing her!!! :x ) but we dealt with it way better than the other team did (their supporters were yelling allsorts at the ref- I felt kind of sorry for him)

All in all I thought I played alright- maybe 7 out of 10 cause after my goals I didn't get the ball as much as I would have liked, and a similar score for the team performance as well :)

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