not alot of money

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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when you don't have alot of money to join a ODP team , go to pro camps, and to spend on soccer what can you do to get notice and get better.

Also what to pratice to become a player mixed of skills such as zidane's passing and vision having henry's speed and footskills.

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in my state, trying out for an odp team only costs $25. if you make the team, it will cost more, but i'm sure there's some kind of financial aid thing or something you could work out with the coach. to get noticed, you will eventually have to be on a team, but just spend as much time as possible on soccer. of course, always put school first. school, then soccer, then everything else. if you don't have good enough grades to get into a college or whatever you plan to do, it will definitely limit your options.

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odp is a funnell. There are sooo many politics involved. Prepare the best you can for the tryout. Relax, and be comfortable on the ball by working with it as much as possible.

good luck!

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