Round I - Super Syed

The Expert Football Freestyle Contest is a competition for the best user-submitted video clip
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Round I - Super Syed

Post by expert » 16 Nov 2005, 21:02

Super Syed:
Each judge must answer all of the following questions:
- How advanced were the tricks in this video?
- Was there a good variety of tricks?
- Were there enough tricks in the video or was it uneventful?
- Was was the most advanced combo?
- How does this video compare to 3 (or more) other clips from the competition in terms of complexity of tricks (combos)?
Unless you use complete sentences and describe your opinion fully, you will be disqualified from judging. Do not say whether you like the video or not.
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Re: Round I - Super Syed

Post by prtglsoccerfan22 » 16 Nov 2005, 21:37

1. some of the tricks were pretty complex, only a lot of time and practice could have mastered them such as he did. nice continous atw and tatw.
2. yes. not too many of the same tricks. only did the amount that would impress the audience but not bored them.
3. there were enough tricks in the video. kept me waiting for the next move. not much repitition.
4. I think this question is not appropriate for this because some people have different views on what an advance trick is. For me though, I would say the most advance trick is the smooth foot stall to head stall. this takes A LONG time to master and especially with his fluidity made it seem very impressive.

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Re: Round I - Super Syed

Post by expert » 18 Nov 2005, 23:36

1. Syed did some pretty difficult lower body moves. I must acknowledge that he messed up a few times and tried to cover it through editing
2. He had good variety of combos involving upper and lower body
3. There were plenty of tricks but the video felt a little too short. That's not a big issue though and it's definitely better than being superfluous
4. The video starts off with LATW (although he didn't use a regular sized ball)
5. No one else in the competition kept the ball moving vertically like Syed did. He didn't do a lot of upper body alone, but it was well executed and probably on the same level with Owen4Ever in terms of difficulty.

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Post by Tierney » 19 Nov 2005, 00:02

1. Very advanced lower combo's, similar to owen4ever's and kamal's.
2. Not really varied that much, no ground moves, and only a little upper body, although it was good.
3. The tricks kept me intrigued throughout as he has very fast feet and good style.
4. Latw at the start was good, then pulled off some mediocre level combo's, not quite as good as Kamal.
5. Again, Kamal & Owen4ever rival him lower body wise, but roonablo has better upper body moves.[/quote]

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