Round I - Murilo

The Expert Football Freestyle Contest is a competition for the best user-submitted video clip
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Round I - Murilo

Post by expert » 16 Nov 2005, 21:01


Each judge must answer all of the following questions:
- How advanced were the tricks in this video?
- Was there a good variety of tricks?
- Were there enough tricks in the video or was it uneventful?
- Was was the most advanced combo?
- How does this video compare to 3 (or more) other clips from the competition in terms of complexity of tricks (combos)?
Unless you use complete sentences and describe your opinion fully, you will be disqualified from judging. Do not say whether you like the video or not.
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Re: Round I - Murilo

Post by prtglsoccerfan22 » 16 Nov 2005, 21:49

1. The tricks ranged from basic to advance. nice combos mixed in to get you pumped up inside.
2. yes. a very wide variety. only missing ground moves. he had upper body and mid body tricks but no ground.
3. there were tons of tricks. and thats what made it exciting to watch. it started out slow and uneventful but by 30 seconds, it was awesome.
4. Once again, it depends on whos judging it. The trick that I favor the most in this vid is where he either craddles the ball and swings it under him and up around his back and continues juggling once it is over his head and came down. But i also like the matw and tatw.
5. lots of varieying tricks that i love to watch. favorite of the first 3 i've watched so far.

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Re: Round I - Murilo

Post by expert » 16 Nov 2005, 22:25

1. The tricks were mostly lower body with a few stalls. The lower body combos were far more advanced, especially TATW and ATATW (45-50 sec).
2. The variety was OK, he included a flick up. There were no ground or sitdown moves.
3. The video was of good length. Overall, what he showed was fairly advanced.
4. During 35 sec, he does an elaborate combo ATW, crossover, ATW, knee HTW.
5. His lower body moves were advanced although Kamal takes this one step further. The upper body and stalls were not ambitious and were a little slow. SuperSyed and Owen4Ever execute have more complex upper body tricks.

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Post by Tierney » 18 Nov 2005, 16:01

1. The combo's were very advanced, had a lot of hard moves.
2. He did no sitting or ground moves so it was lacking variety.
3.There were a lot of cool tricks, combos and flickups to keep it eventful.
4. The most advanced combo was a TATW - HTW - Piledriver - MATW.
5. Not as varied as Owen4evers, Jellymans or roonablo's, but better style than most.

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Post by Ivan » 20 Nov 2005, 21:57

1.the tricks ranged from intermediate to somewhat advanced. combos weren't too long but some of the moves were interesting.
2.not a very good variety. lower and upper moves and showed no sitdowns, no control moves (only combo moves) and no ground either.
3.there were enough tricks in the video to deem it pretty good although i would be a little bored to sit through the whole video again.
4.the most advanced combo was definitely probably atw-cross-atw-knee htw but some moves such as footstall and throwing back thing could also be considered one of the more advanced moves
5.definitely better in terms of skills and combos than some other videos such as from hassa or jason but can't say it was one of the best of the competition. it fit into near the middle in terms of class compared to the rest of the videos, somewhat on the level of evan jellyman.

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