Round I - Evan

The Expert Football Freestyle Contest is a competition for the best user-submitted video clip
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Round I - Evan

Post by expert » 16 Nov 2005, 20:53

Evan "Jellyman":
Each judge must answer all of the following questions:
- How advanced were the tricks in this video?
- Was there a good variety of tricks?
- Were there enough tricks in the video or was it uneventful?
- Was was the most advanced combo?
- How does this video compare to 3 (or more) other clips from the competition in terms of complexity of tricks (combos)?
Unless you use complete sentences and describe your opinion fully, you will be disqualified from judging. Do not say whether you like the video or not.
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Post by Tierney » 18 Nov 2005, 15:43

1. The tricks were very advanced in this video, tatw, knee atw,heel atw and a few more.
2. There was a good variety of tricks, he mixed it up well pulling off different types of tricks instead of repeating the same ones.
3. There was enough tricks to keep me interested because he is very creative in his tricks, instead of just copying exact combos from some other video.
4. The most advanced combo's were....2 knee atw's, 2 tatw's and tatw - htw.
5. This video has a lot more tricks than angelo storms video, hassa's and jason millers.

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Re: Round I - Evan

Post by expert » 21 Nov 2005, 01:24

1. The tricks ranged from medium to advanced
2. Variety was good, he did diverse and fairly complicated lowerbody combos. His situps were also advanced (although sloppily executed)
3. The clip had a good amount of content. I would like to have seen more.
4. Two TATWs at 1:30 sec
5. This video shows a lot of potential. In the future Evan could be a top-notch freestyler. But as of now: Owen4Ever and Kamal's lower body combos were much longer. SuperSyed's were smoother and more original. Evan is probably at Murilo's level.

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