Round I - Owen4Ever

The Expert Football Freestyle Contest is a competition for the best user-submitted video clip
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Round I - Owen4Ever

Post by expert » 16 Nov 2005, 20:49

Edward "Owen4Ever" Yoon:
Each judge must answer all of the following questions:
- How advanced were the tricks in this video?
- Was there a good variety of tricks?
- Were there enough tricks in the video or was it uneventful?
- Was was the most advanced combo?
- How does this video compare to 3 (or more) other clips from the competition in terms of complexity of tricks (combos)?
Unless you use complete sentences and describe your opinion fully, you will be disqualified from judging. Do not say whether you like the video or not.
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Post by Tierney » 17 Nov 2005, 17:07

1. The tricks in this video i would say are quite advanced, as most people on this site cant do some of those performed in this video. They are advanced as there were variations of the tatw and and some long technical combos.
2. Yes there was a good variety of tricks, the video showed some stalls, then aerial combo's, then a little ground moves, and finally some sitting tricks.So there was good variety involved.
3. There were enough tricks to keep me watching carefully, as there were one or two new combo's thrown in, aswell as being edited in a good way in that it didnt show one aspect of his skills throughout, it varied well.
4. The most advanced combo's I seen were....multiple HTW's - crossover-multiple atw's. And there was also a tatw into i think was an amatw, which looked stunning.
5. This video is more complex tricks wise than most of the video's in this competition, e.g. Angelo Storms, Jellyman, and jason millers. So it had quite high complexity.

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Post by expert » 18 Nov 2005, 23:15

1. The tricks ranged from advanced to fairly easy.
2. The juggling was elaborate and the headstalls were difficult. On the other hand, the dribbling was mediocre and the sitdown moves were subpar.
3. There were some very complex skills although it felt too long. I think this would have been a much better video if the weaker skills (mentioned above) weren't shown at all.
4. The Mr.Woo headstall in the beginning is pretty hard and there was a good combo at 4:16.
5. In terms of lower body combos, I think this video is slightly behind Kamal. Except for SuperSyed and Roonablo, no one else attempted anything remotely as difficult in terms of upper body. Lomholt is somewhat similar to Owen4Ever because they both tried to show a very wide range of skills. Lomholt's video however doesn't quite pull it off.

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Post by prtglsoccerfan22 » 19 Nov 2005, 23:42

1. Wide range of tricks, but nice to watch because it shows the beginners level moves and then the advance stuff. shows that everyone starts out somewhere but with practice, you improve a lot.
2. there was an awesome variety of tricks. tricks for every type of freestyler. ground, lower body and upper body.
3. there were plenty of tricks in the video. Owen mixed his up too so that it never got repetitive or boring. kept u wanting more.
4. the head stalls and heel juggling. I know, doesnt seem that advance, but i havent seen anyone even attempt them yet.
5. very high complexity. not many people can pull of these tricks with the ease that owen showed. Some people are on the verge of becoming this good and only need a month or two to get there.

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