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who will win the gold cup?

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ajc wrote:Onyewu finally showed glimpses of what he can do.
Sorry to get off-topic, but isn't he also a talented boxer? I think I heard that when I was watching the Canada-USA game when it was replayed on TV.

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Onyewu made me mad with his Joga TV thing last year, and I still haven't gotten over it. I can't even remember what he said now, but I know I didn't like it.

...arrogance. :roll:

What can we expect from our southern friends, eh? :lol:

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The game was AMAZING. I know tv it may have seemed liked any ordinery win, but i was at the game. That is the closest thing the US will probably expierence to Champions League Football "Feel". The atmosphere it was incredible.

Was anyone their? Mexican?

The stadium was held it was like 63,000, their wasnt an empty seat in the house. Except for Sams Army and a few us spread throughout the stadium it was a sea of Green. They were chanting throughout the entire game. The amount of Mexican fans were probably about 90% Mexican and the rest american or indifferent to either side.

The game was so much fun, the skill level was pretty high not quite champions league but it was a good time. The game was fillled with chances.

The first half was dominated by Mexico, they missed probably 3 or 4 other really good chances to score. The US really just played way to cautious, they were just playing a slow style with would the knock the ball around the back, way to cautious. The only true chance was when Bornstein took a rip from about 25 yards out just missed upper 90 near post. Mexico missed off a few aerial balls and when Castillo took Onyewu on. Onyewu did well as the general in back a few scary moments but nothing really too threatening. Then players that left their mark on memory of the first half were Nery Alberto Castillo and Andrés Guardado, scored the tap in, and Tim Howard for keeping US in the game. They ended up scoring in the 45 minute. The place erupted, it was crazy, the stadium was literally shaking. At half, we were filled with taunts.

However, the second half was a totally different story. Mexico at first had couple chances. Then the ref called a penalty. The call was a little iffy, The play was NOT a dive, just contact when ching fell when the Mexico defender had some body on him, no hands touched Ching. Then Donovan nailed the penalty to the right upper 90, the Mexican players were taunting, but he nailed it. Then 5 minutes latet, Benny Feilhaber the ball was deflected off the corner to him on outer edge of box, he volleys it right past the Sanchez. The game was filled with many more chances, but that is enough. Again great job to Howard keeping US ahead, Beasely that was a bad play, but overall solid game, ching good move around the keeper and to get away from the defender, he should have finished, but cant be too mad.

I was so proud to be an american, we shut those Mexican fans up, no disrespect. That was a huge win it was as if it was in Mexico City. Bradely just keeps winning.

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What a game, what a game... not at all what I expected. So glad we got the win but the real test is Copa America and unfortunately we are not doing enough to compete in that tournament.

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