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did you guys see from the beginning of hejduck's goal a guy from the us kicked the ball way off to donavon but he still received the ball.. it was a good pass from donavon but i bet if he shoots it agian same spot and everything i bet he would had missed..yea it was a good goal i agree but to hit the pole and go in i dont think he was aiming for that horrible shoot that ended up as a good goal..i seen many players get red carded for something that they tried not to do... also that ref is a piece of sh*t...throught the whole game he was going against the us and then in the last minute when canada scored he didnt count it come on the one that was really on one was the ref wtf was he thinking and i seen on dumb ass demarcus beasly and hippie ass mother fu**er of hejduck still think that it was off sides they need to learn the rules..when you are off sides and the other teams defense plays it to arent off sides no more the thing i dislike the ref is cuz he is mexican he is a peice of sh*t and good thing he cant be ref in the finals

on the bright side did any one see Pavel Pardo's beauty now thats wat i say is a nice goal
Viva Mexico lets win the "Copa America"


Viva Mexico lets win the "Copa America"

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gnarlyjim wrote:Nah, Bocenegra didn't deserve a red. Yellow was the right call.
Thats why I said "could" have been a red card. There are lots of refs who would have gave that a staright red. Espcecially because of the dramatic fashion in which the Canadian player flipped over. I think the thing that helped him not to get the red was because it was earlier in the game.

If that was late in the game, there would have been a much better chance of him getting a red.

But overall, I do think yellow was the right call because he didn't try to do that on purpose. I'm just saying that there are lots of refs who have gave that a straight red, especially if it was late in the game..

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