MLS teaming up with Bundesliga

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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Major League Soccer is teaming up with Germany's Bundesliga to promote the sport in the United States and exchange knowledge on stadium construction and player development.

The cooperation may also include exhibition games or tournaments in the United States, but no players or funding will be exchanged under the deal announced Tuesday during the SportelAmerica convention in Miami Beach.

"The idea is to share the know-how of both leagues and ... support the growth of soccer in the United States," Bundesliga chief executive officer Christian Seifert said, "because the more interested people are in soccer in the U.S., the more they are interested also in international leagues like the Bundesliga."

The exchange is effective immediately and will go on indefinitely. League officials will meet twice a year.

The German league will get American expertise on salary caps and club ownership strategy. Bundesliga will give advice on safety and lighting in stadium construction, Seifert said.

"We'll work on what the specifics of the relationship will be in the years to come," MLS commissioner Don Garber said. "This is part of our outreach to get closer to the world globally. ... I think you'll see more programs like this starting in the years to come."

Other areas of cooperation will include officiating, new media, marketing and competition rules.

Bundesliga, which has created its own TV production company, also will teach the MLS about producing soccer matches with proper camera angles and other details. The Germans also teach their American counterparts how to spot talented players at a young age and nurture them.

Seifert said David Beckham's decision to join MLS later this year was a good step.

"One player will not change the world. It's a step in the right direction. Beckham is not a guy at the end of his career. Most of all he's a great soccer player," Seifert said. "He will increase the value of the team."


Things are looking much better for the MLS, first Beckham, then the Arsenal - Colorado Rapids, and now this. Maybe now soccer can actually become something in America. Can't wait 'til the season starts on April 7th.

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Yeah, things are definitely looking up. Did you see in a different topic that Ljungberg may come and play in the MLS? Anyway, I'm really excited about the start of the season, especially now that I can go see Toronto FC play!

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yeah i was never really a huge fan of mls, but now that all these team ups are happening, and with beckham coming, the league should get way more interesting. normally i catch a few games a year but maybe now ill actually watch a good amount!
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