Your ideas for MLS all-star game

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The Philly Flyer
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This year the MLS all-stars played Chelsea and last year it was Fullham. But I think what would be more exciting than playing teams from Europe for the all-star game, would be to have the all-stars play against the top Americans playing in Europe. I know this would be very difficult to arrange, but wouldn't it be great to see how the best of the MLS match up against the best Americans playing abroad?

What are your thoughts on this or who would you like to see the MLS all-stars play against?

EF Flying Dutchman
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I would be interested in seeing that. Mind calling up the MLS CEO and Platini over at UEFA? Thanks a ton ajc, i knew you were a good friend.

Seriously, I dunno... might be a lot of work for nothing too interesting. I mean... it is kind of obvious that the American players in Europe would win, they play at a higher level of competition. So yea. If someone does decide to arrange it though, I suppose I would watch it.

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