MLS suCks!!!

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I'm pretty sure that this topic doesn't beling here but i just want to take this opportunity to say that MLS is one of the most boring leagues ever. it's slow and not very exciting. it's almost impossible to get better by watching MLS. if u wanna agree or disagree if u want. but there's nothing any 1 can say that can change my mind.

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I think if you were a bit older you might be able to see the positives that MLS brings to the United States. We're all entitled to our opinions though :)

When two MLS teams are on top of their game playing eachother, it can produce some quality football. I also enjoy how unpredictable the league and games can be.

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y i disagree. when u watch chelsea play, and then u watch an mls team, i will probably be more entertained by the mls. its an attacking game, despite being 1/3 as skillful. i have gol tv and fsc so im able to compare the euro game and american and theyre very very different but i think entertainment wise theyre equal
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If you watched the L.A. Galxy V New England game you would think other wise I mean they played like it was overtime in a world cup final it was great (at least for the fisrt half I didn't get to see the other) .

To me the MLS is better than some of the other club leagues (like the FMF) as most of the MLS teams don't try to run the clock down it's pretty much 90 mins of nothing but attacking football
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MLS is entertaining but in my opinion its not because the level of attacking is high but rather the level of defending is low.

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I think the MLS is better to watch personally, the defence in the EPL is awesome, but it is just too good, you must have an awesome attack to beat those defence oriented games... But the above poster is right, the defence isn't as good in the MLS, which leads to attacking, exciting football to watch!

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I don't like the football lines :? and the commentators are just horrible!! stick to hockey!!

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You have to keep in mind though, it's a league that is still growing. And i know alot of peeps keep saying this but it is true. Its not going to be in its primetime when it is fairly new to the US. But the league as now, i do think it is not as entertaining as other leagues around the world. Teams lack creativity, playmaking, a different way to play soccer other than just going out to win a soccer game. Thats my view on respect of MLS now.

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