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hey my elder azn bros(saying with respect only turned 14 today)
chinese here in canada
chinese soccer lvl is definitely going up higher and higher, and it would be pretty sad if u cant find 11 world-class footballers from one fifth of the world's population lol with chinese super league we are definitely going to become one of the teams in wc
also jihai sun's performance sorta dispoint me when i watch the manchester city play but i believe in him and i guess so does the coach

keep with the asian pride lol peace
Chinese blood, Brazilian heart

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Hey Kew Im Chinese Australian too, I think Shengqing Qu plays for Adelaide United.
There's a few speckles of chinese talents scattered around the world, i don't know much about the chinese super league but i do kno there are a few succesful chinese players. Dong Fangzhuo recently signed with Man Utd (dont think he'll get much playing time) and Zheng Zhi was picked up by Charlton. But overall chinese soccer hasnt gone anywhere in the past few years

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i m from lebanon, i played for sagesse division 1 tram in the lebanese league, now i m in america, my favourite lebanese player is rida antar, and my favoutrite player is cristiano ronaldo

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