Back heel penalty in an international match

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Is this unsportmanlike behaviour?

No. It's very creative
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The title says it all. It was a Lebanon vs UAE. He may get punished, I'm not sure by who exactly.

I think it's a funny thing to do in training but in a match, that's just pushing it. Also, is it techincally a penalty? I thought you couldn't stop wants you take a run, but I think you can slow down, just how CR likes to do so.

Link to video: ... diab-video

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The rule clearly states "the ball needs to be kicked forwards" :P

The penalty wasn't even that good, he skuffed it and made himself look like a knob for even trying it in a game, I think you should give the keeper a bit more respect tbh, although how the f*$k did he not save that?!

I'd much rather score this type of penalty. Much cheekier, looks better, and you don't make a knob of yourself in the process. ... re=related

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That's the stupidest thing. I can't say it would be that hard to save, either, given lack of pace. But yes, I think it's unsportsmanlike given the circumstances.

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ye i think if it was like a hard backheel to the upper 90 corner then it would be sick, but that one was just badly executed and somehow worked

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Possibly the worst execution i've ever seen.

Watch Totti take a penalty back heel in training, he sort of just strides backwards and gives the ball much more pace. This is something I've practised in training, it is fun to do in training, but I would never do it in a match.

Likewise, running around the keeper, stopping the ball on the line and bending down to nod it over the line is seriously unsportsmanlike in my opinion. Yeah it's fun to do stuff like that in training, but there is no need in an actual match.

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