USA to play at Wembley?

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Here are the goals:

Psychologically very important goal for JT, great goal in the right corner. No chances for GK. But again, what a great free kick by David. And nice one-touch passing in the 2nd goal
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mcbride needs to come back and save the day

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Mcbride :D
He is woeful in the prem.
I think the USA have the basis for a good squad, but really lack in depth

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The game wasn't that entertainment but I thought England did well. They held on to the ball and stopped the US from playing.

I don't know if Defoe (I think) was offside when he put the ball in the net during the first half. England improved a lot in the 2nd half and they created enough changes while giving little away.

My honest opinion of the US was that they were pretty poor.

I'm fairly satisfied with what I saw last night. I want England to win the World Cup, not provide me with entertaining end-to-end stuff. However, if they can be entertaining at the same time, that would be great but the most important thing is to win.


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