Australia 2018???

Talk about football in the AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL and the rest of the World
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Australia are biddeing for the right to host the 2018 world cup! I so hope we get it! Hopefully I'm plaing in the squad at that time but anyway...........

Australia winning the right to host the 2018 football World Cup would be a victory of biblical dimension, according to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

But notwithstanding the size of the challenge, Mr Rudd on Sunday pledged his government would do everything possible to support a Football Federation Australia (FFA) bid to host the world's greatest single-sport event.

NSW has shown its support for the bid, with other Australian state and territory governments also expected to provide their backing.

"We recognise fully this is a David and Goliath contest," Mr Rudd told reporters at a Sydney news conference announcing taxpayers support for the bid.

"We will be up against some of the biggest soccer countries in the world, possibly England, China, the United States, possibly the Netherlands.

"But you've got to be in it to win it."

However, one major obstacle involves Australia and China, both members of the Asian Football Confederation.

And with China also bidding to host the 2018 World Cup, Australia will have to compete with it for the crucial support of that confederation.

FFA chairman Frank Lowy said the cost of mounting Australia's bid would be an investment, not an expense.

The head of the Westfield shopping centre empire said the type of government support was not a matter of dollars and cents at this stage.

"But it will cost money," he told reporters at a joint news conference with Mr Rudd at Aussie Stadium before the A-League grand final.

"But eventually you will get it back because just imagine 32 teams coming to Australia, what do they bring with them, how many people and business and what fame and what fortune are you going to get out of it," he said.

NSW Sport and Recreation Minister Graham West said Sydney was well positioned to host major world cup football matches, including the finals.

"We'll be working to do whatever we can to get as many games and, certainly, as many finals as we can," Mr West said.

The issue of taxpayer support for the bid to made in 2011 has been listed on the agenda for the March Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting.

Venues such as the MCG and Telstra Dome in Melbourne, ANZ Stadium and Sydney Football Stadium in Sydney, Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane and the recently announced new stadium for Perth could all potentially host matches.

However, the World Cup has to be played over June and July and would affect the NRL and AFL seasons.

Australia also would have to push in front of a European nation which would be due to host the cup after South Africa and Brazil put on the next two competitions.

Other obstacles to success include television time zone problems with television coverage, and the fact football is not Australia's national sport.

Source: ... -1uba.html

Any thoughts? Who hopes we get it? Any thoughts at all on this. Just post.
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sounds sweet, i would like to see a world cup in Austrailia, country is Huge though, would be kinda difficult to have games in many cities.

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Screw the NRL and AFL. Australia would make a great host nation, imagine what this would do to people? Fingers crossed we get it.
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Holy Hell!! In 2018 i would be 24 (scary), but i have always wanted to go and it sounds like the Aussies would be a pretty cool host.

Just think, by 2018 amazing players like Bojan and Pato will already have their peak... :shock:
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i dont think china will have a hope in hell in 2018

as for australia it would be a great place to have it but i think it will be down to how popular football will be in australia if new stadiums will be worth investing in

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i would absolutely love the idea of a world cup here, if we are chosen i will start saving up for tickets and will be there for sure, but you have to think about the differences between australia and most countries.

Eg, in germany i went last wc, it a much smaller country with cities located in convenient range from eachother, and a rail system that only takes like 2 hours to get between cities. Imagine a match in sydney, then having to go to perth for the next one, it would be very difficult.

Im sure there will be enough fans, and i think the afl and nrl would be fine, like how the rugby world cup managed to play around the french league. Great idea, but we need a good plan with details to be released to the public.

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