Beckham in MLS?

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Post by Mr.SoccerMojo » 25 Feb 2006, 17:46

peps1154 wrote:Beckham's going to play in the states in the end of his career. Not because of the money (he already has plenty) but to finish up his career and start his life in America. It will bring popularity to the MLS because Beckham is the only player an average American reconizes.
Yes and he is not the only one who has said this this will make all you American T.Henry fans wet (get it lol) I read in a mag that he too wolud like to end his carrer here in the MLS
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Post by cfrealmadrid » 25 Feb 2006, 22:34

a lot of players have said they'd like to play here. it doesn't mean they actually are going to do anything to further that want though.
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Post by cmperez07 » 27 Feb 2006, 20:24

I just hope he stays away from the united states because he would bring more attention to himself than the actual game

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Post by cfrealmadrid » 28 Feb 2006, 01:54

i think the mls is going to become a qatar or a lebanon or something. that's to say that players will come in the twilights of their careers, just kind of as a novelty sort of thing. nasl was that way, so i can see mls being the same.
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Post by ronalldinyo » 07 Aug 2006, 00:45

the MLS would make a load of money.

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Post by soccer11 » 07 Aug 2006, 03:51

no see, beckham already has a soccer school in LA, so thats what he means by the moneys in america. and also he wouldnt lose endorsements, if anything he would gain plenty because he get new ones too, from american based companies. so it would be a good move for him financially and career-wise make him more popular.

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Post by G-Unit-Freestyler » 08 Aug 2006, 00:36

He might come here to Qatar, as here is where the real money lies 8)

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Post by thrillboy » 17 Aug 2006, 01:04

It's just a bunch of bulls**t. Beckham's only saying that. Anyway the only reason he would come is becasue of the money and fame. Personally,I think the only reason Beckham joined the game of football is forr the fame and money.
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Post by Real_Zidane » 24 Nov 2006, 22:19

Just saw a commercial that said he's coming over to america.

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Post by J » 11 Jan 2007, 19:23

Well Beckham just signed a 250 million dollar contract over 5 years with the LA Galaxy. He won't be able to join them unitl the summer when his contract end with Madrid.

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Post by vivariquelme » 11 Jan 2007, 19:32

Just saw that and I think it's a great move for the MLS. It's much more of a marketing move than anything. I was over at a Celtic board and they can't believe he signed for that much money considering how good he is as a player now, but I think he's the best possible "name" the MLS could sign. Beckham is a name that everyone knows here in the states even if he's the only one. This is even better than signing a player of higher caliber, because Beckham's name alone will generate a ton of interest and marketability that nobody would be interested in if it was someone else. IMO this will help the MLS immensely and maybe in 10 or 20 years if top MLS teams could compete with teams from the EPL or La Liga or Serie A, Beckham's legacy will be that he brought the world's biggest game to the world superpower.

Price is still a little steep IMO though...

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Post by KPatel » 11 Jan 2007, 23:10

I'll go visit him everyday! YAY! Good way to bring up the MLS. As of now, it's a really slow and boring league.

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Post by ajc » 12 Jan 2007, 00:40

KPatel wrote: As of now, it's a really slow and boring league.
Haha, sounds like it suits Becks' playing style perfectly then.
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Post by iwannagopro » 12 Jan 2007, 10:02

ajc wrote:
KPatel wrote: As of now, it's a really slow and boring league.
Haha, sounds like it suits Becks' playing style perfectly then.
Awww, that made me chuckle.

Well, it certainly is going to generate a bunch of interest with my friends... the only three players they know are Ronaldinho, Henry, and Beckham, and they didn't even know who Ronaldinho and Henry were until I told them. *Siiiiigghhhh*

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Post by gunnerz23 » 12 Jan 2007, 12:23

I hate Beckham. He is such a liar. He reckonz hez going over their to develop the game and for the experience. *cough* bulls**t *cough*
Hes doing it for the damn fame, money and publicity.
Think about it, if he had a permanent position in the starting lineup at madrid, I'd highly doubt he'd leave and go to the MSL and say he is going their to develop the game over their and for the experience.
He doesnt give a rats ass about the development of football in America.
He's a greedy pig, he has already got enough money as it is. I'm glad he's pissed off, out of the UEFA club confed. Good bloody riddance.
Sorry if im being harsh lol. Just stating my opinion.

btw who reknz victoria is going to try and re-launch her career over in LA! :lol:
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