Which tricks do you actually use in a real game?

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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Well thats the question.

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There are several little tricks that can be useful. I suggest that you browse around the forums to learn more about them. Knowing a large variety of tricks can help you out a lot because there is sometimes one ideal trick for every difficult situation. Some players dribble in a flashy manner and make their opponents bury their faces in shame, but I prefer the simple dribbling. Simple fakes and cuts work very well for me. Changing directions and using bursts of speed help me a lot. Variations of the mathews and stepovers are what I usually use along with cutting in and out as one would do while slaloming around cones. Try it out but remember that sometimes simple is better.

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My dribbling style is very similar to El Maestro's. I basically use cuts and changes of pace along with stepovers and matthews variations from time to time, but occasionally I'll use a more fancy trick. I'll do an elastico every now and again, and if I'm in the right situation I'll juggle over a man. One thing I do a lot is pannas. I don't have any standard way of doing them as it differs in each situation. Typically it's just some sort of quick cuts to get the defender to take a large recovery step, and then slip it through and go past him.

I agree with El Maestro that sometimes simple is better, in fact I'd say most of the time it is.

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I mainly use scissors, double scissors or reverse scissors and sometimes an elastico usually when the person isn't expecting it.

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I just use Scissors and occasionally step overs
I tend to confuse myself if I do anything more challenging during a game setting :roll: . I am usually better at just dribbling past people with my speed, or I just pass the ball to a teammate.

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I do a lot of cruyffs when I'm turning, but besides that, I don't do too many "moves" per say. I shift my weight a lot to throw defenders off balance, then I just tap it by them.

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Nice to see you around, Soccer4life. Hows things?

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In a real game I have used mostly stepovers, scissors, and basic cuts and turns, the cruyff turn, very rarely i have ussed the nutmeg.

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I prefer to do stepovers, then do elasticos at random in it, but never less than 2 at a time (just constant elasticos). I'm not doing a good job explaining.

But, the best to use in a game, and the easiest, are stepovers, flicks, cruyff, and fakes and cuts.

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Cuts, scissors, body fakes, rollovers and speed, that's all you'll ever need.

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being a defender all I use is cuts and more cuts

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I'm a defender and i use cuts, fakes, stepovers and if i feel flashy a 360 :)

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I usually do Cruyffs.. stepovers... fakes.. turns.. quick changes of direction and speed.. and If i want to be flashy i use zidanes 360 or the trick ronaldinho always uses (ball goes outwards then inwards suddenly).
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belija91 wrote:and If i want to be flashy i use zidanes 360 or the trick ronaldinho always uses
Elastico. :wink:
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