shots from an angle!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey guys i need help today when i was playing i gt a sweet breakaway right so i was runnig with it i shoot wit my right so i wanted it to go to the left so while trying to do this i wanted to shot the ball and i was to far awayso when i shot it rolled like a toe poke another problem i have is shooting power i think i dont have the right techniqe because every time i try to shoot a power shot my foot drags on the floor making my cleats to tear in the front part can someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thnxs
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If you are going to ask a question, at least use periods.


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its a whole jumble of words and i dont get anything. Anyway what i think yo usaid is hwo to shoot an angle and more power. check out my guide for shooting harder and for the angles just practice more. im too lazy to get the link right now so just go to search and search Shooting Guide it should be first one

EDIT: I feel bad cause your new and im making you work so here is the link

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I wonder how many times I'm gonna repeat this in a forum :shock: .

Before you shoot, push the ball outwards a bit so you have space to shoot. Accelerate at it, and lean outwards as you hit it (not backwards, outsides like ex. if you're left footed, lean to the right),and follow through across your body like a big oval so you get the most curl out of your shot. It doesn't matter if you hit the ball with your inside or your instep, because either way, if you follow these steps, it will definitely curl.

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