Quick feet or slow feints?

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Quick feet or slow feints?

Post by pascalfrik » 02 May 2005, 04:14

hey does anybody know how to develop really quick feet so that it will be almost Impossible to get the ball from me. I'm from the Netherlands but i live in china and my team usually plays against Koreans and there so fast with there feet and when i have the ball i try doing tricks some times but my feet are just not fast enough so they steal the ball from me.

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Post by k_dogg » 02 May 2005, 10:06

All you've got 2 do is practice. Start off by trying out the moves in slow motion on your own. Then keep on practicing the same move until u can do it fluently, then try it at training. Soon enough it'll become natural and you'll have quick feet without even knowing it. Its also vital to keep your eyes on the ball, and be confident.

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Post by jcdenton » 02 May 2005, 17:56

well, i believe you are stronger than they are!

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Post by expert » 02 May 2005, 18:43

One thing about dribbling is that if you're smart, you can beat opponents even if you are slower than them. Faking is one way to do that. Many players assume that you need to execute your feints as quickly as possible. But that's not really true, it's more important when you execute them. Plus, if you have so much quickness, you can probably beat your opponent by simply changing your direction/speed. In one-v-one situations, I say keep the ball close to your body and wait for your opponent to "bite". But don't just stand there, be prepared to move once he dives in. if your enemy is containing you and refuses to tackle, try to provoke him by doing a fake.

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Post by WhaZ » 02 May 2005, 19:24

J or jdefoe, cant remember which one, always says jump rope and thats what I would say also. Thats really easy and good way to develop faster feet and just do lots of scissors with ball. I personally really prefer doing scissors when ball isnt moving so you can really concentrate what you are doing and really practice speed and accuracy of your feet, and to get in-game-touch I do scissors with moving ball.

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Post by HalaMadrid2 » 03 May 2005, 00:57

Yeah like expert said, quick feet is defintly really good to have and well worth training for but you don't have to do any moves extremely fast to beat ur opponent. I say execute your trick perfectly (after hours of practising it) and then change pace around the opponent with your newly trained quick feet. 8)
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Post by pascalfrik » 03 May 2005, 01:34

thanks for youre help.

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Post by Magicfeet » 06 May 2005, 12:28

I'm always practicing little fakes with flicking my feet about, even when I'm just standing with my friends. That, and having run up and down stairs for years have help make my feet to become a lot faster.

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Post by noah » 12 Jun 2005, 01:22

it's not always the speed of a trick that fools a defender but how well you sell it, if he thinks you're going to do the opposite of what you will do, that's all that counts.
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Post by frizzyan » 12 Jun 2005, 03:52

I'm not sure if anybody noticed this but:

When Figo does his multiple stepovers slowly, his chances of faking out the defender are far higher than if he did 2-3 stepovers quite quick.

Obviously C.Ronaldo is a different story but I think Figo likes his stepovers slow so it would annoy the defender.

Multiple stepovers would annoy defenders no matter how fast or slow they are, it's all about protecting the ball.

Oh and you play against Koreans? Koreans here have extremely slow feet and none of them do stepovers and stuff like that (in Hong Kong). Well I have seen 2 koreans who are fancy in my whole life and they don't live nor play here so yeah.

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Post by pascalfrik » 12 Jun 2005, 04:09

the Koreans i play agianst have very quick feet and are very skilled.One of them uses the stepovers like crazy every time when he has the ball he does the stepovers.

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Post by Fantasista » 12 Jun 2005, 05:03

well if you do to many stepovet when you get the ball the enemy could get the ball from you.

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