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Haha, I think the move where you flick the ball at their face is a very effective move against people who don;t really play soccer that much. They might turn their back on you and then you can accelerate past them. But anyways this isn't really a new move (more like a combo) but you roll the ball to your opposite foot and perform a stepover and then you cut back.

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Me and my friend were playing 1v1 in a park and i tried to do an outside to inside stepover with my left leg but when i bent my right leg my right shin hit the ball into my left heel and rebounded out to my left. He was so confused as to how the ball moved he fell over! Now i use it in games all the time. It's so effective when you have people falling over at your feet!
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I call this the 360cow. basically i start with the pullback using my right foot to my left, but instead of rolling the ball the 360 way, i just use my left foot to roll the ball back on the same side that i pulled back with my right foot while spinning. If all these is done correctly, you should spin off in the anticlockwise direction(right footer) to one side of the defender while the ball goes the other side. Tadah! he just got cowed :D

Its rather a trick use for futsal and streetsoccer, best not to use during a match!
Im not good at explaining so i hope you guys can understand.

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I have a move, well it's more like a bad habit, but when I do a scissors, sometimes my body get too low, and my knees touch the ball on top, so I go around the ball with my right, then my left knee touches the ball, it gets stuck , and when I'm moving my left foot to touch it with the outside to the left, the ball hits the inside of my left foot, and goes to the right. It's confusing when you've done a couple good scissors, then you do that.
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I once made a move awhile ago where you take the ball with a roll back til it's behind your upper body and make it look like you're gonna follow all the way through with it then extend your leg, toe pointed, and kick it forward. I've seen this move in 1 video but nowhere else, so i don't think it has a name and I haven't named it yet. tell me what you think. :)

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1.The REVERSE roulete!!(360 spin)
2. Outside inside stepover kinda like a TATW on the ground
3. A trick were i do a inside stepover with my left leg and my legs ar crossed so i tip the ball right with my right then my left leg swings back left hittting the opposite an akka( the trick is used while standing facing forwards to the ball :wink: )----name...uh....jon akka? :lol:

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