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Post by iwannagopro » 06 Feb 2007, 04:44

ajc wrote:
iwannagopro wrote:Hehe, thankee matey. I'm working on my thesis for this site. It will be my ultimate contribution. It will take me several months to write... probably around 2-3 hours of writing, and too much time to count researching. Watch out for it. Just for a hint... it will be for Strategy and Officiating>Tactics .

Hey you should get expert to set something up where you can school credits for doing that like an internship hehe. Did anyone ever see that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer got an intern from NYU? It was sort of the same concept.....Kramer asked for an intern and said that his house was a corporation so he could get the intern and he basically picked up Kramer's groceries for him and and set up lunches with his friends. Anyways if you write a sweet thesis then you should conspire with expert to make it advantageous for you. :lol:
Haha, could be useful. Thanks for the advice. And what happened on MSN? You sort of just stopped posting. I think your internet connection is going nuts. Peace.

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Post by thisisdard » 06 Feb 2007, 10:48

Da*n! It's almost as if this whole guide was copied it out of some book! 8) 8)

Where the heck do you pick these motivational & training guides from?!?

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Post by Soccer4Life » 06 Feb 2007, 21:41

I just look around the forum and see where a good place to post a guide would be. Then I just start writting...

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Post by sandiovive » 16 Feb 2007, 01:29

this is the best post ive seen congratulations!!!!!

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Post by Real_Zidane » 19 Feb 2007, 21:26

Holy hell. That guide is amazing. It's also amazing how much I could miss by being ill.

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Post by Soccer4Life » 19 Feb 2007, 21:29

Real_Zidane wrote:Holy hell. That guide is amazing. It's also amazing how much I could miss by being ill.
I wondered where you were. It's nice to have you back, and I'm glad you like the guide.

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Post by scene » 19 Feb 2007, 21:50

soccer4life eveywhere i see you post something its always great advice, but this truely shows that you are probably the best in the forums right now. If not the best at least second best. by the way once i got so schooled by a girl that it made me cry :D after that i never once thought guys are automatically better than girls.

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Post by soccerchild27 » 15 Apr 2007, 06:02

okay so...great post, great post. we all agree so no need to say it more, let's talk shop.

I did all the self evaluation and found my strengths and weaknesses and i have come to the conclusion that I suck, first off, and secondly to get better there is no time for breaks. I mean I worked it all out and there is honestly no time for any breaks other than low intesity workouts. I feel like I'm behind and breaks will just slow me down. And if i was to take a break day would i stop juggling, boxing and toe touching on those days? Should i do those three things everyday?

My other group of questions are about dribbling. I play right back so i don't really need to dribble so much but I have longed to play mid for so long and the only three things holding me back are endurance, dribbling, and confidence. I can do the endurance part, and i think that dribbling will help my confidence issues. much time should i spend on dribbling? I have it worked out so i work on the different sub catagories of passing (for example) for 1-2 hrs for one day, then i repeat that week.

So...Monday= accuracy tuesday=power...etc. then i repeat that for a second time. Does it make sense to do that? I was also wondering if I should take like 5 weeks just to work on dribbling because i suck and am a slow learner, i guess...might just be the lack of confidence, either way i'm not as quick (learning) as i'd like to be. Plus, there are soooo many moves to master when should i practice them all?

I guess my biggest question is that if you are only supposed to work on one thing at a time, how much time should that one thing take to get down into the 'auto pilot' part of me? Like hrs, days? And I need a lot of improvement by my standards so how does focusing on one skill at a time help when i need all around improvement asap (I am willing to put in the time and hard work, i'm very un american :wink: )

Please don't say that I should take as long as I need on these skills because if left that open for me I'd never stop working on that one thing until i was the best at it...which is good and bad (i'm a perfectionist, kinda).

Also my touch is probably the thing i find most hindering but playing right back i think passing should be more of a priority, maybe not, i don't know. But I'm not that good at juggling so like when my friends got the footstall in like 2 days it's taken me more that 6 monthes and it's still not that consistant and only with right foot. So should i juggle all the time on top of everything else?

Damn that was a lot to type...geez.

and yes, I do greatly apreciate the post.
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Post by Icy » 15 Apr 2007, 15:41

On a break day you should really do nothing strenuous at all. Like 15-20 minutes of just light juggling shouldn't hurt but if you get out of breathe from it (I did when I first started doing it) it'd probably be best not to do it on a rest day.

You could do those three things if you see they help you improve on your game but if not there isn't much reason to do them every day. This doesn't mean stop completely doing it but just do it every once in a while so you don't lose skill with any of them.

For improving dribbling have the ball at your feet around your house and just have it at your feet as much as you can. When doing your endurance running have the ball at you feet also. Having the ball at your feet is a lot more tiring but it will help you keep the ball close to your feet at all times.

How much time you should spend on your dribbling is more up to you. First for the moves what I do is just do them for about 15 minutes after conditioning drills in the morning. There really isn't much reason to spend hours doing them each day because for one no matter how perfect you are at moves if you use them too much it's very easy to predict what you'll do. So although you need to be able to pull them off in a game at times you shouldn't train them more than things like passing and shooting.

So really if you're dribbling the ball around your house, taking it places with you, bringing it on your runs, and practicing moves for a bit each day you shouldn't need to spend much separate time practicing it. I do this almost every day (some days I just want to focus completely on running) and my dribbling has improved a lot.

Personally I am not a fan of working on just one skill for a while then moving onto another. What I do is have a dominant skills for that practice and I will practice that for say an hour and then use another hour for 3 others skills. This way I don't get bored and also I don't lose skill with other skills.

The "auto pilot" will just come with practice as long as you don't neglect the thing you want to be "auto piloted". If you don't use your non-dominant foot at all start to use it more in your training. I gaurentee within a few weeks you will begin to use it in matches. The technique for kicking with your left foot will feel weird for a while but it will start to go away over time as long as you continue to use it.

It is never good to ask how long it will take you to learn a skill because as you can see all the time here people learn things at different rates. I for one found juggling very easy and could get past 100 in just a week of training while others practice for over a month just to get 30-50. The same goes for any other skill you may learn how to do a trick like elastico in a few days but I might not be able to get it for a month or more.

I probably missed some questions and stuff but theres my attempt at answering all\most of your questions.
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Post by soccerchild27 » 17 Apr 2007, 22:34

alright thanks :D I think i like you "dominant skill" idea better, just because my mind goes crazy if i just do 1 thing for a whole practice. I actually just worked on my left yesterday and figured out what i was doing wrong when i tried to pass it.

I also realized that in order to 'reprogram' the way you do things you need to really disect them. I felt and watched what i was doing with my right and mimiced it with my left. I've improved my left tremendously in just 2 hrs of practice.

Okay so everyone learns at different speeds, that's great, but how do i know that i'm making progress if it's taking me a long time to get something. When you say you get a trick in a week (or month) what do you mean by that? Like you can do it well almost everytime you try or like after a week of trying to get it you got it once? And if it takes you a week to master tricks then are you just gifted and i should quit (cause theirs got to millions like you?) Can you pick up new moves so quickly because you have already put a lot of time in developing your touch so that you understand the ball and where it's going to go when you touch it?

I consider my shooting and passing some of my better qualities, although not great. So I am really trying to focus on touch and control. I find that when i am on my own it is hard to work on shooting and passing plus i do them at my team practices all the time. Don't get me wrong i need to work on those skills too but i don't have a good wall anywhere around, or friends. I also need the control for confidence in myself.

Thanks 'Icy' for the quick response
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Post by AkkaMan » 09 Jul 2007, 04:12

Brilliant Guide

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Post by Shifty_FSU » 26 Jul 2007, 10:40

Hey good post, some day I could play along your side :)

What position do you play??
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Post by Soccer4Life » 28 Jul 2007, 23:06

Mostly striker, but I'm pretty flexible. I'll play anywhere.

Maybe we'll see each other someday :D

Don't you live in England?

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Post by L0r3nz07 » 15 Aug 2007, 05:47

This really helped me a lot on my training. This is amazing, it is as if I was reading a book about the game of soccer. :D I actually read through everybit of it, all the links and everything. Took me a 2 weeks and after reading this my traning has improved more. Thanks, great post.

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Post by c_ronaldo7 » 08 Jan 2008, 01:34

that was the most well written and thought out fourm on the whole entire site

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