Getting the Most Out of Training

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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Post by Mr_Futsal » 07 Aug 2008, 10:46

Amazing :D Helped me to put a training plan down in concrete

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Post by SteveF » 25 Aug 2008, 13:59

Wow, it takes a bit of time to work out, but when it all comes together...

that is jaw droppingly incredible
one of the best post's i have read on the forum (if not the best)

12 stars Soccer4Life! :D

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Post by evo » 07 Jan 2009, 18:22

Thank you very much for this. The goal setting is very important to keep motivated.

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Post by DR17 » 26 Jul 2009, 00:02

thx man for the tips. I wanted to train too much but now i get the point thx really

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