C. Ronaldo Free-kick Style (DIPPING w/ POWER)

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In my free-kicks i go for...

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Hello. I can use both my left and my right feet for football, and i was wondering if anyone knows the C. Ronaldo Free-kick technique? It is with a lot of power and it dips alot right at the end, so it goes under the bar, leaving the kepper stranded.

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can't understand why u mentioned that u can use both of your feet for football...:roll:
the free kick style of c.ronaldo isn't special. it's powerful but he doesn't control the ball, he just shoots it and hopes it will go in, nothing comparable to juninho's one, the free kicks are so precisely shoot and the ball didn't change its direction, this is class.

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I'm not so sure that C. Ronaldo just closes his eyes and kicks it, hoping that it will go in :P . I don't know how to do his style, but there are several shooting guides if you take a look around. In the poll I voted for swerve. I like to bend the ball around the wall and put it just inside the post, and the keeper doesn't even move.

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i voted for swerve. I use both obviously, but i think swerve and accuracy is defintely more important. You cant take a FK like Juninho or Ronnie if you dont have swerve or accuracy.
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what c. ronaldo does that makes it dip is he shoots it with no, spin. the power doesn't come from swinging wildly, but from loosely, naturally swinging. I wrote a guide and the way I explained how to shoot is like a ronaldo freekick. I pretty much broke down a ronaldo freekick into a shooting guide. this will help you a lot. viewtopic.php?t=7886&highlight=

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my freekick style are powerful and i know powerful freekicks are hard to control

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i go for swerve. inside, outside, doesnt matter. of course i'm trying to add power to it as well but for now i'm only going for the swerve

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Well swerve mainly but also some power too but not too much (not pummeling the hell outta the ball lol so it goes out,lmao) but nah I voted for swerve :)

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i can get that but what u have to do is hit it as hard as u can but keep down slightly and it will knuckle(no spin)

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how do u get power and swerve at the same time while keeping the ball under your control?

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as simply as i can put it:

learn the instep drive until you can hit it with no spin on a consistent basis (prefeably with the top part of your foot, near your big toe's knuckle)... this should be natuarlly powerful

then to turn it to a knuckle kick, apply knuckle spin (really slow revolutions)
to do this you stop your follow through (alot like stopping your foot when chipping)
this should give it topspin if struck right and cause it to dip suddenly
also keep your head low and rise your knee up to get added dip and height

then if you wanna curl it left or right, strike it a bit more to the side of your foot and follow through a bit more across your body

control of the kick will eventually come, don worry they will be wayward at first but just persevere

now you have a very powerful instep kick, with knuckle swerve :D

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good thread.

I try to hit as many ronaldo rockets as possible during a match, and i'd say i get around 3/4 perfect hits (not neccessarily on target) per game.

Id say its a matter of practice practice practice, as you do often see ronaldo mishit some during competitive games!

I find the best way to master this is to just watch all the youtube vids of CR7, copy his body technique, and use all the tips from the forum on where to hit the ball. I think a point that hasnt been emphasised enough is to STOP your follow through, so that you are sort of "jabbing" at the ball, creating the intentional random dip of the ball when going towards your target.

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gnarlyjim wrote:I'm not so sure that C. Ronaldo just closes his eyes and kicks it, hoping that it will go in :P .
i onces watched an interview when he said that he is just interested in making it go over/pass the wall,and he doesnt know what is going to happen from there
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Macimate's "guide" to shooting like Ronaldo:


I have a good feeling though he's honestly just hitting it over the wall and hoping the unpredictability and pace of the ball will bring itself to the back of the net.

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You ever hear of a knuckle shot in baseball?

Where they power the ball as hard and with as little spin possible, and it begins to swerve in random directions, ronaldo (this season) does something much the same

What makes it swerve is the seams on the ball, changing the areodynamics... ever so slightly, which cause's the multiple and random changes in direction

Last season he was hitting them primarily with a perfect instep (no spin), but applying topspin to the shot to get it up and over the wall (which I think is more effctive than what he's doing now, cause now he has to hit it stright at the keeper for the swerve to throw him off significantly)

Its down to how much a decent instep drive with spin add's to the swerve

So in short, he's trying to get it over the wall and then hoping the unpredictable swerve throws him off

I still think its genius :D

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