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Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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I've heard many people say that they train for a couple hours a day. Right now its the begining of fall and my grass hasn't been cut for awhile and its super cold outside, and i was wondering what do I do? I dribble my size 1 ball inside but what about shooting, and moves? could someone answer this plase. thanks :)
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the only excuse for not playing outside is if it is raining, because ur parents will kill you and your ball will fill up with water so u cant play. So really just get on a big jacket and some sweatpants and go out there and practice! If it is really as bad as u say, u could do Jdefoe's Home dribbling program and for shooting u cant really practice, unless u have a basement or something, but then again you can shoot a ball in long grass, it doesnt matter. So just get out there!

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You should go outside anyway, and jog or run around for a few minutes and then start practicing. You're body warms up and it doesn't feel cold anymore.

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I guess the guys before me are right, but u must becarefull no to get sick for example I missed 3 weeks ( :shock: ) of school last year because I played in bad weather. back then it didn't matter since I was only in 8th grade, but now being a high schooler missing a week would kill me in school.

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There is actually no excuse in Europe to not train... miles and miles of freedom and rain is so dope that u dunno what it is until its gone and so is snow...

The only reason u shudnt be outside is when its 50 Degrees Celsius like here in Qatar :\

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