In this topic, we say everything we're BAD at

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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- Juggling.
- Speed.
- My left foot in general.
- Headbutts.
- (Sometimes) Not using my instict and thinking to much.

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nervous or trying to hard at times
power shots
either pass to quickly, or pass to much
dribbling great and trying to take another which makes me lose the ball :D

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-bodying up
-getting along with teamates
-passing accuracy, and accuracy in general
-most things left footed
-ocassionally over thinking
-reading the plays and ball
-low confidence

-and probably a lot more

Yay, my 2nd step to "recovery?" or getting better maybe. At least i'm past denial, and yes i do work on all of these. and now i'm in the off season so i can do even more!!!
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I need to improve by ability to place headers from crosses. I can win them, but often I find my headers fly over the bar or go right to the keeper.

Sometimes when I try to hit a shot with no spin I slice it and it goes well wide of the goal.

My left foot shots are decently accurate but not nearly as powerful as my right footed shots. And I sometimes feel awkward when striking a ball with my left foot when it is not in ideal shooting position.

Oh and I could definately do better at striking first time volleys when the ball drops down from very high (but who couldn't.)

Btw, I really like this topic as it isn't a tool for people to come on and brag about how good they are or how many nutmegs they do in all their games. It's interesting to see how people view their weaknesses.

kamil k
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- throw-ins
- accelaration
- tackling
- i dunno what its called but somtimes i have good games others really bad

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- im not a very consistent player on the field
- need to get in better shape yet as far as running
- dribbling at high speed I tend to lose the ball
- try to force passes sometimes that aren't there
- inconsitent with my left foot
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-often not aggresive enough
-average speed
-not vocal enough
-no consistancy shooting the ball

the dribbler
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-not doing right thing sometimes
-finishing ball from a corner with my head
-my defence isnt too good
-getting angry on ''horrible'' days

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Aggressiveness, pushing people off the ball, getting to the ball that sort of stuff.

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Reciving the ball under pressure

Clearing under pressure

Bad left foot(weak foot)

not consistant(Good one day, do bad next day)

go up for support too many times(i'm a defender)

and a few more



Here are my weak sides:

Left foot
First touch

Anything thats technichal im bad at, plus a few other things :wink:

I probably have more but i cant think of any now 8)

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Composure (though it's improving)
Dirbbling(thoough it's improving)

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Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted here yet.

My weaknesses are:

-Heading, it's not the worst, but it could definately be better. I sure as hell am no target striker or John Carew.

-I make things way too hard for myself. Every shot I take I feel must be right inside the far post, and I have a bit of a mental block as far as near-post finishing goes, when in reality it so happens that as long as you don't gift wrap the ball and give it to the keeper, you will odds-on score. An overcome of this barrier would give me a lot more goals.

-Whenever I miss a chance, I get frustrated and put my head down. This is a bad habit that I feel like I am close to breaking.

-The way I play requires a lot of risks. In essence, I go for the impossible a lot of times, and therefore there are a lot of shots or chances that go begging because I want to do something sick. This isn't too bad in my opinion though, as when things work out, they are pretty nice, and the surprise factor can catch oppositions off guard and such.

Honestly, the majority of my flaws are mental. Technically, I must say that I am very strong, so I don't feel like I make too many mistakes. But they do say that a lot of the game is mental, so I can't just gloss over my faults.
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ajc your right I hate braggers but I'm jus so proud of what I've accomplished in the easter holidays ie. shooting aniwaiz my weaknesses are:
.intelligent passing, I don't play the right ball at the right time
.HEADING, definitely not a strength, I'll need to work on that
.jumping for HEADAS, just haven't got that 'on the spot' jumping ability
.long shots, hey I know they're hard but I really need to work on those
.accuracy, I prefer power, I know thats wrong but yer...
.tackling, I get beaten fairly easily and I haven't got enough experience taking people on
.moves, I only know like 4 basic ones, I'll have to work on that... as well
.running shots, dribbling at full speed and taking shots

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-First Touch
-Instep shooting
-kick outs arent great
-left foot needs to be better
-offensive heading
-not great pace
-can get nervous and lack confidence therefore make mistakes.
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