In this topic, we say everything we're BAD at

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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hold-up play
first touch

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I suck at...

Throw ins: I never take them in a game because I always get called. It has something to do with my style that makes it look bad even though my feet are on the ground and it goes straight over my head. :?: I play left winger where throw-ins are frequent, so the defender always has to push up and take it.
Vocal: I need to call more for the ball, or is it my teammates lack of vision to see me??
Right foot: I have a strong left foot but my right isnt good at shooting.
Volleying: This is an advanced move so not as crutial. The hard part is to hit the ball accurately for most people including me.
Consistancy: 3 goals in 4 games to none in the next 4.
Average speed: not anything special, but also not that slow.
Average conditioning:
Corners: Bad at taking corners but good at recieving them.

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I'm not that fast and am not in the best fitness for football.

I need to get fit and get stronger also.

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-physically weak (I'm smallest in my team)
-Taking corners with my cleats on ( I usually use indoor shoes)
-not mentally strong enough
-I'm not calling for the ball
_ not aggressive enough

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No Technique
Loses the Ball to Myself
Can miss in important situations
Very Low Consistency
Low Top Speed (I'm fine with acceleration though)
Too Selfless sometimes

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i play U18 but im only 5 feet tall exactly also i am only 90 pounds probly just over half the average weight for my age and underdevelopped with low muscle so i suck at:

speed,shooting and crossing distance and obviously power.

holding my ground and fending off rough opponents

headers as i can never win them

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not much power
i just can't seem too finish
too selfless
and im slow
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well my strongest weakness(if that makes sense?) is my heading :P
practice makes perfect!
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Consistency, I play my best game at one field, while at the other I 'm usually scared sh*tless for no reason.
Dribbling and Technique, not it per say, It's just that I can't choose which trick to perform at the exact moment, and my timing for Stepovers sucks etc
Insight, when I have the perfect opportunity to score from a volley, I miss the ball :?

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1) Nerves when playing when under pressure
2) Consistency
3) Right trick at right time

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I am very slow when I am right in front of the goal...

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I think too much about what I am going to do this in tern causes me to freeze or miss que a shot.

I suck really bad with dealing corners (GK) I useally never leave my spot and just dive to the sides or whatever to stop them.

I really don't think I'm good at all even tho people tell me I am (this is probably bad and yet good at the same time)

I have gained some weight since I haven't been able to practice in quite a while but that's about to change.
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My bigest fault-I try to do too much which causes me to be selfish
Im also mentaly weak, often very low on confidence
My vision could be better,
sometimes crosses are off toarget
I also have other falults but these are the bigger ones

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1. Taking my time

2. Doing 1v1 moves

3. Defending (Im a midfield)

4. reading the play sometimes

5. Hard shots with accuracy(im good with light shots though)

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1. Heading the ball

2. Not strong enough on the ball

3. Dribble way too much and dont pass!!!

#3 is probably my biggest problem and my coach constantly yells at me for it

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