In this topic, we say everything we're BAD at

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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Post by DP7 » 10 May 2007, 23:46

-left leg
-under pressure situations

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Post by mustahfa14 » 11 May 2007, 22:26

-dont look back when i reaceive the ball (as in with my back turned)
-volleys arnet as good as they used to be
-im a lil bitchy on the field (im workin on that)
-shot decisions are off sometimes

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Post by born2skate » 12 May 2007, 03:33

-pass the ball too much

-not the best first touch

-not a very good shooter
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Post by Cruyff » 12 May 2007, 14:59

-cant cross good curling balls when running at absolute sprinting full speed
-prefer to play at a slower pace (like zidane) but defenders sometimes come from behind and foul me
-Get into fights when defender fouls me
-If Im in bad mood or mad at someone, I will purposely take a shot at them at point blank range just to hit them...


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Post by cangri02 » 15 May 2007, 04:09

-not too sure of myself (pass too much)

-easly loose control of the ball

-don't like authority (referees, etc)

-easly flinch (afraid of the ball flying fast at me)

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Post by h » 15 May 2007, 10:29

cruyff i like ya style that last bit neway lol

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Post by ForzaMilan » 25 May 2007, 12:19

-Chest Control
-Weak Foot Shooting/Juggling

This is a great idea for a topic because it tells people what they need to work on.

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Post by Matt17 » 26 May 2007, 00:53

New problem, just started to notice it as we played soccer in gym: I lack trust in some of my teammates. I get afraid to pass to some of them (the ones on like JV) knowing they'll probably mess up, and then just continue to pass it to the other varsity players instead.

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Post by zerot4 » 23 Jun 2007, 09:18

my weakness? is....
Good/bad days
fall under pressure
sidelines make me nervous
sometimes i lose control of the ball at full speed
(afraid of heading)

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Post by Azureus » 23 Jun 2007, 13:29

Weak left foot
Not consistent
HORRIBLE throw ins... I don't know why.

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Post by Soccer4Life » 23 Jun 2007, 19:46

I'm sure I've already done this, but I'd like to update my newest weaknesses.

-don't shoot early enough
-finishing crosses

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Post by adnankhan » 23 Jun 2007, 20:29

i got a lot,,,,

horrible throw ended up with turn over
being rescpet with the referee and coaces
under preasure just take shots
left foot
accurate passing
and call for the ball

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Post by PenaltyMiss » 23 Jun 2007, 20:32

1.Throw ins
2.Shot power, i can finish but i cannot shoot with power well
3.Temper (sometimes)
4. Dont always trust teammates
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Post by matt_a » 24 Jun 2007, 12:39

left foot shots
awareness - i lose where i am often
not knowing what trick to do when

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Post by Pokerized » 26 Jun 2007, 18:47

Wow, I'm amazed this topic is still going when I made it MONTHS ago back when I was actually in the soccer season. But I feel guilty for not keeping up with it, because I haven't visited this site since then. I've been so busy with track that I completely left this site for a while.

But summer soccer league has started, and we had our first game. We lost 2-4, so it looks like I gotta come back here. I'll be on varsity this year, starting sweeper. Lot of pressure on me to do well. And I've got some weaknesses that I've developed/noticed even on my first game of varsity soccer.

-Picking the ball out of the air
-First touch
-Passing (though this might be my teammate's fault for not getting open)
-Actually getting the ball from an attacker (I can jockey and contain like a madman, but actually separating the ball from the attacker is not one of my strong points)

Here's to a new season, it's time to start practicing.
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