Can I still make it?

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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Ok so I'm a sophmore in highschool and my friend who is the same age as me starts on varsity and I know I can guard him ( he's a striker i play defense) My only trouble is long ball. We just had our first game last night I sat out cause of injury and he started and scored 2 goals. I'm a bit worried and I really don't know how to train for defense accept studying the players in the game. Could I get some suggestions what to do? thanks
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Well all I can really say to do is play little one on one games with your friends that's pretty much all you can do for defender training that well realyl help out when you are out in the field
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I usually play left mid or full back.
For individual training, kick the ball hard against the wall and try to clear the in different angles.
Find a friend and let him loft the ball to you and try to clear the ball as quick as possible. vary the height.
1v1 also helps

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yh always practice long balls with a friend.

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heyy thierryhenry14, I would just like to say that no matter how big, how small, how fast, how slow, how crap or how good you are, you can make it.
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yes if you have determination you will make it.

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True, if you have the determination u will make it. As for defender training what u need to remember is to jockey the oppositon and not to lunge in for the ball because that is the weak point of some unexperienced defenders, (not saying ur unexperienced cos u probably already know this but I'm saying it anyway). Also 1v1 helps immensely as u can really focus on just u and the player ur against and jsut on what tricks he he going to make u fall for etc.

Another thing that helps which we do at training (I'm a defender for my local team BTW) is just to have 1 defender against say 3 attackers because it gets u used to being faced against attackers that might pass the ball off and lets you practise making intercepts and stuff. 3v3 or something similar would also help with ur vision on the field too.

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