how can i learned to juggle better?

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what will or what can i do to help me juggling improve?

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Try looking around on the forums.
Here's a link that could help you:

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You could try bouncing the ball off solid, flat ground and just lightly tapping it up with your instep and letting it bounce again. Thats the most basic thing to get the feel for hitting the ball correctly. Or just drop the ball with your hands and try to get just two soft controlled touches and then catching it with your hands. Simple stuff like that. As far as I know there isn't really any specific technique you can do to learn to juggle overnight, but the best thing is just to study videos of the pros and try and mimick their technique and soon it will be second nature to you.

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When I was litle i played a game with my friend to improve juggling . Firts you have to touch the ball once . then pass te ball to you friend . It's his time to touch it one's . then it's your turn again but now two times and you go on like this until you reach your goal . If you can do this you make it harder . you say what has to happen . example .

you begin . and say . first touch head . secon touch knee and you go on like this you practis left and right foot ok ?

peace and practice

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