Most effective; Match or Drills

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Will my passing/shooting/technique improve more in a game (not a real official game but just on a field around the corner) or just doing drills?

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You have to answer these two questions:

Am I good with the ball at my feet?

Do I need to get in better shape all around?

Play some pick-up games to develop almost anything you want, but especially tricks and skillz and smarts (i.e. awareness, vision...).

Do Drills if you want to develop better balance, or better stamina level, etc...

Hope this helped.
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Drills wills improve indivedial skills while games improves all round skills

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Drills are better. You can see that only with enough talent will you be able to make it as a good player if you do games only. Drills help you improve individually but you must have a game or two to remember what its like to be in a real game.

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I'd say something like 65% games and 35% drills unless you started soccer like a year ago because you need to practice skills but they are useless if you dont know how to effectively apply them in real game situations against opponents.

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to make it to the top, u have to play games and do drills, however, if u were to do 1 of these, i would suggest games

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Games helped me much more than even the mopst effective drills I have done. You can do all the wrong drills and not be a good soccer player. It doesn't matter what you practice if you can't do it in a game. The more games you play, the more effective you become, because you learn to adapt to certain situations, and you learn how to implement the skills you have into the game. In game you devolps in all areas, some examples are: passing under pressure, vision, 1v1, control, etc. You can improve all these aspects during a game. I am NOT telling you to not practice on your own, I am merely telling you that games are more important. So I say drills: 30%, games 70%.

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Technically, drills incorporating game-like situations is the best way for improving.

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