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honestly, this is the easiest move u can ever learn......i learned in just 3days....... 2 extra day to master with speed......but it was all good........ :D

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JoaquinGeekSeb wrote:Goodday boys.
Me and some geek is arguing on who "invented" this move.

It's called Hocus Pocus by some, and Joaquinha by some.

Was it Ronaldinho, Joaquin or Wilhelson who pulled it off first?

See ya.
this move is not invented by any of them, its a famous move from futsal and gradually a lot professional players utilized it in games

Its called hocus pocus in english because an english commentator was saying it when ronaldinho performed it in a game back in 2004. So this name catch on.

but a lot of professionals in the past utilized it........Ronaldo for example did it successfully in a barca game back in 1996

http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid= ... &plindex=2

and i'm sure many others like romario did it too.

Also ronaldo scored a goal after pulling that move when he played for real madrid. Performing this move + scoring a goal in a real fast pace game will definitely show the limits of your technical ability.

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Wow, I learned this move but not mastered it.

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This move is very tough to pull off in the run of play. I can pull it off just standing in one spot but even then it is difficult for me. I just need to practice more.

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Magicfeet wrote:I don't mean to appear rude, but Beckham isn't one for doing tricks... especially difficult ones such as this. I rather think it is Wilhelmson (sp?).
:lol: its -->Beckham<--(-.-) :roll:...notwilhelmson lol :P

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