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Hey, I play mostly Right/Left Wing Defense on my team, and I'm very fast. But the problem is I charge at my opponents full throttle, then when I get to them I can't really slow down in time and it usually results in a foul. This mostly occurs when someone gets a breakaway and I run at them, then when I catch up to them I'll go for the ball but since I'm going so fast I take the opponent down also. So is there a method I can use instead of charging right at the opponent?

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Well, maybe training your co-ordination and agility would help. There are a lot of drills for this around in the forum and on the website so im sure you'll find some good drills :)

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I charge at my opponents full throttle
You really shouldn't be doing that. Jockey them instead

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you may run towards the opponent but be sure to slow down when you are approx. 4 metres away from him. Now just walk slowly backwards and so it's his turn to try to get behind you. if u walk slowly backwards it will be very difficult to beat you, so just walk backwards and wait for the moment where he does play the ball a bit to far forward so u can take it.

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I agree with whoever said runnin full speed at somebody is never a good idea in football, talented footballers will either knock the ball around you as you come closer, or simply draw the foul.

A method for closing down that I like to use is what somebody in this thread already mentioned, run fast to catch up to the player, then maybe as you draw closer slow down and try to second guess what he is going to do.

Thats what I'd do in that situation.

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i suggest you dont run at full thorttle, when a defender does that to me i just give the ball a quik cut and i get the foul. :D i suggest just what they all say, just go at them and slow down and jockey the attacker, it really pissis me off when defenders do that because it makes it harder

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i usually read an attacker's playing style.

imagine u r the attacker, the only option u hav is to knock it aside. i either predict which way the attacker will go, (u hav to know the attacker very well to do this) and stop him that way, or i close him down, fool him into trying to turn u, then either knock it away from him, or, if ur strong and agile enough, turn before the attacker, and u will be in full control of the ball, facing goal of course.

obviously u cant just run into him, i know that much. i recommend the turning before the attacker thing.

i may be wrong, but it sounds as if u just run into him a bit late, so try sliding to gain a few feet. if u foul him this way, at least hell hesitate to try so hard again.
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