Ball control:Juggling smaller ball barefoot

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Does juggling a ball slightly smaller than a size 1 soccer ball bare foot help my ball control? i.e., would it make me even better at juggling a full size ball in cleats?

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I dont think juggling with smaller balls would help you juggle size 5 balls, cuz when you are juggling you always want to hit the ball at the center of gravity independent of teh size of the ball. It might be even easier to juggle with small balls than a size 5 ball (my cousin fits in this category).
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that depends on what you mean by control... DouDu is probably right about its effects on your juggling. But using a small ball to practice is soetimes very useful for improving your ball control on the pitch. Dribbling and finishing stuff.

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ive been playing soccer with my bear feet for as long as i can remember and it better u use a size 5 a size one like playing hackey sack

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