No club, no academy, wanna train to get scouted

Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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thanks in advance :D
right footed
-Ball control
-curved shots
-lack of game experience
-weak foot
I wanna become a pro, but first i need to get scouted into a team, or i can tryout for a non-league team and go jamie vardie's way...
Position, don't really know, since, i have only played in teams as a kid and it was only training, but usually they put me as a midfielder, but I feel more comfortable playing on the left or right.
i have 1 hour or 1and a half to practice
and as I said, I don't play for a team but i am training with a personal coach twice a week tho i will hae to stop, and I am hoping to integrate a team after this covid thing calms down.
I practice with my bro
i've been playing since I was 5 maybe??? i don't know, football has been part of my life like forever so i don't remember...

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