Discuss your training routine and techniques you are practicing
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Has anyone tried this routine yet, what was some of your results?

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yeah, it's excellent, it's all i do!

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Can anyone tell me what Carriocca's are? There one of the warm ups for sprint training.

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Carriocca's (or kereoke as I pronounce it) is a warm up where you move your body sideways in one direction with your feet alternating positions of forward and backward.

For example, because my definition is hopelessly vague, let's say your on the soccer field and you face a goal (you don't have to be near it, just facing it). You move sideways to your left, so you are going across the field width-wise and your left foot is leading. The Carriocca part is that your right foot (moving left) crosses over your left in front of your body, your left foot steps left, and then your right foot (moving left) crosses underneath your left behind your body, you left foot steps left... repeat repeat repeat.

So, basically you are moving left and your feet are alternately crossing over each other, warming-up the inside and outside of your legs (adductors and abducters, respectively, but never mind). And you are trying to do this to speed, turning your torso left when your right foot goes in front of your left, and turning right when your right foot goes behind your left foot.

I hope this is a good explanation, because trying to understand this without seeing it, I only can imagine, is really hard.

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