Unique Celebration after scoring!!!

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Unique Celebration after scoring!!!

Post by Cristiano_Ronaldo » 23 Mar 2006, 03:51

This should be a great topic .. eventhough I don't know which catogory to put it .... I've been thinking about celebrations ... I'm not a fan of Brazilian dancing , backflips .. I can't do it .. Robbie Keane celebration .. can't do it ..
I thought about Steve Gerrard celebration when he just gets so excited and pumped up.. but I want something REALLY REALLY UNIQUE and cool and not stupid .. anyone got good suggestions?

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Post by Cristiano_Ronaldo » 24 Mar 2006, 06:18

anyone ...? just simply a celebration you do is welcomed to be posted here

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Post by Mr.SoccerMojo » 24 Mar 2006, 06:20

Well I'm part native american and when i score a goal I do our tribes War dance around te flag pole get's the people looking :)
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Post by jl0305 » 25 Mar 2006, 02:06

i lift my shirt and show my abs. haha :D

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Post by andrewz » 12 Apr 2006, 22:03

get a shirt with a smiley face inside of it and when you score put the shirt over your face so the smiley face shows. someone on my team does that, its hilarious.

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Post by ArsenalFC7105 » 12 Apr 2006, 22:57

after seeing this at a football game, i proposed to my coaches hot girlfriend. it was funny, but my coach and my girlfriend wasnt really happy after that.

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Post by SportingCP1906 » 21 Apr 2006, 14:16

Well my friend does back flips when he scores but since I can't do that I just run around infront of the crowd all pumped up.. and then after that I play so much better it works lol.

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Post by AusSkills » 24 May 2006, 15:56

its hard to think of a unique celebration as most just involve shouting and runnning around waving your arms etc.

i dont know if the ref would yellow card you for this but you could try running up and grabbing onto and swinging on the goal post (top post) i dont think ive seen anyone do that

you could lay down on your side on the ground and spin around in a circle using your legs to make a running motion, you know homer simpson style

you could hide a little streamer thing in your socks and when you score just pull it out and run around with it

myself though i just celebrate whatever way comes about when i score, running with hands in the air, dancing, hugging my teammates, y'know whatever
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Post by Christopher » 24 May 2006, 18:55

Yeah, I usually just start running, jumping and screaming when I score. Then I love it when my teammates mob me lol.

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Post by ajc » 25 May 2006, 02:14

Okay, here's a great one me and my friends did in our last indoor game this season. I scored and i got down on hands and knees and two of my teammates did the same, they got in a line and grabbed eachothers ankles to make a train. We made it all the way to mid field crawling, lol. The referee was waiting with 3 yellow cards for us but it was definately worth it. :lol:
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Post by touchshoot » 25 May 2006, 02:27

A celebration needs to be in the heat of the moment its the ones that are in the heat of the moment which are sweet 8)u gotta feel the mood of tha game and what the fans want and are doing couple of years ago the fans from another team where just baggin our team out so i score :lol: adn all i did was just stand in front of em and hold my finger to my mouth . did the trick :P

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Post by snuffy » 25 May 2006, 20:39

ive got a big s underneath my chest so whenever i score a hat trick i take off my shirt and trace it as in 'superman'... or 'soccer' whatever (for the longest time i thought that s was a z). so just paint an s on your chest dude

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Post by Jules Winnfield » 13 Sep 2006, 03:38

have someone wait close to the goal with a fire extinguisher. Then, cone you score, run over to them and take off your shoes real quickly and have them spray em down with it.

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Post by France Foot » 19 Sep 2006, 03:53

I have a pretty cool celeb:
You run to the corner, and you get your teamates to come with you, as they arrive you point a finger at one and then he falls back violently, u do that to all of them and then you do it to urself, or u can take of ur shoe and start listening to it, and passing it around to ur teamates
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Post by finny06 » 26 Sep 2006, 19:55

lol, i just score , hi5 people who set me up and go back to kick off position. im not that much of an enthusiastic person when it comes to celebrations , i wanna stay composed.

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