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Ideally a coach would want a correct balance or artist-warriors and warrior-artists. A team with too many artists will fail to defend, and a team with too many warriors will fail to score.
It shows that nobody is perfect after all. Football is a team game and combine different skills and different personalities.

You need the ones who can battle with great opposition players and the ones who can produce magic moment or turning point during the match.

Its not about having artistic players and warrior players or both together. But is how you combine their skills and contribution towards the game. That's why you have some teams that are struggling despite having quality players in the team.

This is the same with players as an individual combining all his attributes and abilities to become a better player.

Even Ronaldinho thank his teammates after winning his first world player of the year award in 2003. Sorry no quote on this.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter which type of player you are whether a warrior or an artist or both as long as you can contribute to the team, which is the main outcome. But I agree that different players have different perception towards the game, some may prefer skills in football, some may say you have to give it all. I'm more towards the skill side but based on my experience (not in professional league of course), as long as the team wins and achieve its objectives (e.g. winning the league, avoid relegation etc) then it's ok.

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