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I have practiced my shooting tremendously over the last few years and I now can get a good hard, accurate shot consistently. Some people have told me that to have perfect technique the ball feels like it "barely leaves your foot", does this mean that I have to keep practicing until I get this feeling almost every time?



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when kicking use the laces of the shoe and keep your non kicking foot next to the ball put your hand for balance and keep your knee over the ball to keep it low.

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"Some people have told me that to have perfect technique the ball feels like it barely leaves your foot"

I'm not sure if you should interpret this literally. I guess that every player experiences this differently but here is what I have noticed:
When I'm executing the instep kick (or any other technique for that matter) I can feel whether my shot will be successful before actually making contact. On technically good shots, I feel in control of the ball during the entire motion. It's almost as if I'm swinging through or "guiding" the ball, not merely kicking it.

The primary reason for messing up is poor approach and trying to swing too hard. Work on executing the instep from different positions: when the ball is rolling towards you, away from you, when it's skipping, when you're turning, when you're running... Practice gives your control. Learn to be in control of the ball in all technical situations. This way, when you're pressured by an opponent during a real match, you won't have to worry about your technique.

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In the end it doesnt matter if your technique is perfect, if the ball is in the back of the net it doesnt matter if it was a perfect technique or a toe kick :D

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lol heyyy man goodd statement but try nott to post into topics whichh have been dead for almost 6 years

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Thats what i was wondering lol, how the hell did he find this topic lmao.

To be fair to him, if he used the search button he wouldn't have known how many years ago it was, all he would see is the date on the post been in december which is reasonable i guess.

Good enough post for a beginner though, keep it up.

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Its better than having tons of multiple posts. Especially on shooting/kicking technique, the Finishing & Passing is cluttered with identical topics
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