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I need some help figuring out how to clear the ball effectively. Normally, I just pass it to a right back to clear it out if I need to drive it down the field, but to increase my defensive ability I want to be able to clear it down deep into their territory.

I know those clearances aren't always the best idea - yes you should always think about passing it up or kicking it out etc. but I want to have this option if I need it.

When I watch football it looks like they don't even follow through, a bit like a chip and yet it still goes far and high. It also looks like the don't even try or worry, like it's super easy. When I have to clear the ball I try to kick it out or swing my leg crazily and hope I don't screw it up.

Help would be great, I'm not really at an ideal age yet to do leg weights or anything so that's out of the picture.

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just work on your technique: head down, plant foot level with the ball about a ball's width in betwee, knee over the ball, and strike through the ball with your laces. Keep doign this until you become proficient. I suggest training against a wall or in a racquetball court.

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Have you heard of plyometrics. It strengthens your body by using your body. Like push-ups, squats, jumps,.......This can't hurt your body even if your 7 yrs. old yet it still increases your strength....Anyway if you like that option you should work on it....A good thing to do is to work on accuracy. To do this you can use my technique by getting a chair put it by a wall that won't make noise(gets annoying) and just move back and practice chipping to it. Then slowly you move further and further back. This'll help your accuracy............Goodluck,


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I use weights but my dad says its bad for me cuz im in puberty
The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.

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when the pros do it, they've done it so much that they barely have to think. you have to keep repeating all these motions, so they become second nature. and when the ball is coming towards them, its usually coming at them pretty fast, so they only have to get a foot in the way to clear it out (a follow through is sometimes unnecessary). as long as you firmly place your foot in the balls path, and you kick the ball, not let it hit you, you will most likely be able to clear balls well (this is for when they're coming at you with speed). i hope this helps and good luck!

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some guys i know that do weights said that you should only do weights if you can do 50 push ups. interesting

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i used to lift weigths during the summer. it helped me but too bad i stopped(i had waay to many things going on). so i just started using my body.
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if u dont have enough time to think try moving with the ball. its better if you move up and towards the sides. that will give you some time to think abou what you re gonna do . or else just clear it but make sure u dont clear it on the center of the field but more towards the wings or the sides. and yah practice as much as u can on clearing

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